Upload your Picasa Web Albums to Panoramio

Google has just released a simple but very useful new feature — one-click upload from Picasa Web to Panoramio. If your photos are geo-tagged and in a public album, simply click the “Upload to Panoramio” button and off they go.

Upload images to Panoramio

The great thing about this is that it’s fast. Since it’s sending directly from one server to another, it goes very quickly. However, they have a few improvements that could be made.
1) Be able to upload more than one at a time. Right now, you need to click that link and upload each picture individually.
2) Even better, be able to flag photos for Panoramio while you’re uploading them to Picasa, saving a step in the long run.
I would expect both features to eventually make it in there. In the meantime, this is just another way for users to add photos to the already massive collection on Panoramio, making the site more useful for everyone.
Frank has already pushed a bunch of his photos over using this system, and he’s quite pleased with how well it works. More info about this new feature can be found on the Google Lat Long Blog.

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  1. I think this is a great little feature! It saves a lot of time having to log in through panoramio and reselect photos to upload. I really do wish they did a better job at getting rid of (or not allowing) carelessly tagged photos. In many locations in the world, someone will take a lot of photos of an area and then just tag them all to one spot. Ive seen as many as a dozen photos start out of one spot where some guy gave them all the same coordinates. Instead of fixing the tags, people will just lock the photos and ignore calls to simply fix the placement.
    It just irks the hell out of me when people will plaster the location of the subject of a picture the tagged coordinates rather than exactly where the picture was taken.

  2. Gloria null Trotscher says:

    I’m having trouble attaching the photographer’s name to the picture on Google Earth. What do I do to get it there?

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