The world’s highest mountains

Google Sightseeing has an interesting article about Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador, and how it can make a claim to being the world’s highest mountain. While it’s not further above sea level than Mount Everest, it’s actually further from the center of the earth (and closer to the moon) than Everest because of the equatorial bulge.
Of course, mountains are always measured relative to sea level, so this doesn’t really count. However, it gives us a good excuse to check out some of the largest mountains on the planet, all of which look stunning in Google Earth. Here’s the five largest mountains, as measured by distance above sea level:
1. Mount Everest – 8,848 metersKML
2. K2 – 8,611 metersKML
3. Kangchenjunga – 8,586 metersKML
4. Lhotse – 8,516 metersKML
5. Makalu – 8,485 metersKML
And even though it’s not in the official top 5 list, we should also show off Mount Chimborazo, the “tallest” mountain in the world (KML)
If you enjoy checking out the mountains in Google Earth, here are a few more resources you’ll find useful:
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Google Sightseeing: Natural Landmarks
Google Earth Hacks: Mountains, Volcanoes
Are there any particularly awesome mountains in Google Earth that you’re fond of? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. And we got new cities in Building Maker!

  2. It would be great to Digital Globe and GeoEye will take a satellite image to Angel Falls in Canaima, Venezuela

  3. Matt O'horne says:

    The Matterhorn is fabulous, and the north face of the Eiger is summit special.

  4. Aloha from Kealakekua Hawaii,
    Mauna Kea on the island of Hawaii is the Worlds tallest mountain from its base on the ocean floor 33,000′ of which 13,976 is above sea level. Also located on the island of Hawaii is Mauna Loa the Worlds most massive mountain and Worlds largest volcano as well. The elev. of Mauna Loa is just a couple hundred feet less than Mauna Kea.

  5. If you take the Marianas Trench into account, then I’d think that Mt Lam Lam on the island of Guam could hold claim to the highest mountain in the world 😉

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