Links: Google I/O 2010, The Spaceport Field Guide, Chula Vista in 3D

What to expect at Google I/O 2010: Google is starting to unveil some of what can be expected at Google I/O 2010, coming in May. If you’re considering attending the event, check out their list of sessions and see what you think.
The Spaceport Field Guide: The Spaceport Field Guide (SpFG) is a Google Earth-compatible file developed by SpaceWorks Commercial that provides a database of worldwide launch sites and associated facilities. The tool offers information about global spaceports including location, current and potential facilities, current and potential launch vehicles, and a rating of operational readiness (as defined by a Spaceport Readiness Level or SpRL). You can learn more on their website, or download the KML file here.


Chula Vista in 3D: The folks at CtyberCity 3D have just pushed their 3D models for Chula Vista, California into Google Earth. Like many of their other models (San Francisco, for example), these models are all gray. However, the 3,300 buildings are architecturally correct down to six inches, making for some pretty detailed models. Here’s a KML file to fly you straight there.
Chula Vista

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