StreetView added to Norway and Finland; many other updates elsewhere

Google has just pushed out a ton of new imagery in StreetView, including:
Canada: Great new imagery for the Olympics, using a special StreetView-equipped snowmobile!
Norway: All new
Finland: All new
Canada: More added, primarily in Saskatchewan and Alberta, possibly more in Quebec and Ontario.
Mexico: Various locations
UK: Various locations
USA: Alaska, Illinois (updated imagery in Chicago)
It’s quite likely that other imagery has been added as well, but we haven’t discovered it yet. If you haven’t used StreetView in Google Earth yet, here’s a quick tutorial on how to access it.
A couple of highlights from the imagery so far:

Helsinki Cathedral, Finland
Helsinki Cathedral
The Grieg Hall, Bergen, Norway
The Grieg Hall, Bergen

If you find any other areas that have new StreetView imagery in this update, please leave a comment and let us know.
Nod to ‘Munden’ at Google Earth Hacks for being the first to discover the new imagery.

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  1. Some additions:
    There’s updated Chicago imagery using the 4th generation camera car.
    There’s sporadic updates in the UK, such as going east from Inverness to the opposite coast.
    I’m sure most of the countries that already had imagery have a lot of smaller updates like these.

  2. yeeesh, I said ‘going east from Inverness’ didn’t I? Well, I did mean to say ‘going west from Inverness to the west (opposite) coast.

  3. I can see my house now! Woot!
    Incidentally, Hwy 40 through Kananaskis Country is beautiful. 🙂

  4. In Canada also were added the snow tracks of Whistler (150km north of Vancouver), where will begin this week the Winter Olympic Games.
    In Mexico, parts of Tijuana.
    In the USA, more cities in HG: Boston, Nashville, Anchorage, Detroit, Philadelphia…

  5. threequarks says:

    Area around Limavady , east of Derry in Northern Ireland.
    Looks like theres more expanded coverage of Taiwan – east coast and around Kaohsiung in the south.

  6. Sylvain Bernier says:

    This is a major update for Quebec, a good part of the main roads have been done.

  7. Cambridge, Ontario has been added. It wasn’t when next door Kitchener and Waterloo were added.

  8. I see that many of the smaller towns and cities in Southern Ontario now have it. I don’t know how recent that addition is, but I know that I checked Stratford when Kitchener was added and it didn’t have it then, but does now.

  9. Was working with GE in Stavanger, Norway and swearing over the bad images there, when Goggle updated. From really bad to really good + street views.
    Maybee there is no God, but there is at least Google! Thanks for hearing my prayers!

  10. Indeed the Quebec’s province as had a major update. Every major road are now coverded.

  11. Reporting that they have streetview coverage around Ottawa (not just within Ottawa like before but expanded to communities around Ottawa and Gatineau such as Manotick, Aylmer, Smiths Falls, Kars, Beckwith, etc. etc.
    As well, I’ve located NEW SATELLITE IMAGERY of Ottawa and environs. It is a much higher resolution than before, and it is the first update since 2007. Likely taken in 2008.
    This should be interesting.

  12. Woodbridge Township, NJ has expanded coverage. New streets are available.

  13. I can finally do Street View from San Diego, CA to the top of Alaska.

  14. Google, you should consider expanding the Los Angeles, California greater area (did you know that I live in the Los Angeles greater area), and I know google watches this blog.

  15. New street views NE of Fairbanks Alaska now extends to Chena Hot Springs. Others extend further North.

  16. Great !!! Now only waiting for Iceland to complete Skandinavia Full Coverage of StreetView.

  17. Damn I love streetview. I cant understand people who have nothing else to say, but complain about the privace issue. Yet another great service from google, thanks!

  18. wow, the Grieg hall was beautiful at that picture!!

  19. Boston is brand new for sure. Last week it had the gen 1 imagery, now it’s the newest kind. Kenmore square is very interesting, half of it has very old imagery, and the rest is new, neither of which were taken at a similar time from the satellite. It’s interesting because the square was under a 5 year long construction project.

  20. Finland is greatly covered now!

  21. Most of Price Edward Island (PEI), Canada is now added to StreetView.

  22. Is street View available in cape breton canada? If so how do i get it ? I think this is yet another great program by google … and those who complain over the privacy issue should think , if you dont wan anyone to see it DONT DO IT IN THE STREET haha

  23. The “Street View” feature is in my opinion one of the best amenities of Google Earth. Now most European countries are available, including Spain, Italy, Scandinavia and some countries in Eastern Europe, like Hungary or the Czech Republic. It´s a bit odd that Germany is not available yet, but I´m sure that this service will cover all the world in a near future. Let´s hope so!! It´s a great way to travel sitting on your sofa!! Thanks!!

  24. They should process street view in: Iceland, the rest of Sweden, Russia, Greenland, More in alaska, Svalbard, Germany.
    I really want to have street view in Iceland, I wi go there some day, i would like to have a virtual trip aswell 😛

PLEASE NOTE: Google Earth Blog is no longer writing regular posts. As a result, we are not accepting new comments or questions about Google Earth. If you have a question, use the official Google Earth and Maps Forums or the Google Earth Community Forums.