See the latest GeoEye imagery before it’s added to Google Earth

Since the launch of the GeoEye-1 back in late 2008, the satellite has sent a ton of high resolution imagery to Google Earth. Some of their noteworthy imagery includes President Obama’s Inauguration and the recent imagery of Haiti.
However, it’s difficult for them to quickly post large amounts of new imagery. Frank wrote an extensive post about the process last year, and why it takes some time for new imagery to arrive in Google Earth.


Google receives hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of new imagery every day, and now they’re pushing some of the more interesting sights to a special new layer titled “GeoEye Featured Imagery”. You can either select the layer from the “More” folder in your layers, or simply download this KML to check it out.
GeoEye Featured Imagery layer

This layer includes a lot of neat imagery including some big cities (Las Vegas, San Francicso), some neat features (Burning Man, Mt. Kilimanjaro) and lots more. What’s your favorite find in this new imagery?

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  1. Idaho_Jim says:

    Is there any way to have the latest imagery as the default instead of the ‘clearest’ imagery according to Google. There are portions of Tucson AZ that show 2005 imagery as the default while the 2007 imagery shows roads & buildings that don’t show on the default.

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