News: Google Earth in the Classroom, More 3D in Australia, DIY StreetView

Google Earth in the Classroom: Last fall, Christine Erlien taught a class at Duke University titled “Google Earth’s Impact”. One of the projects for the semester was to produce a blog, which they did. They cover a lot of topics such as how Google Earth could best be used in the classroom, how to create layers, etc. It’s very interesting reading.
New 3D buildings in Australia (and elsewhere): Last week’s 3D release featured the city of Launceston, Australia, which was created via the Cities in 3D program. Along with Launceston was a variety of other user-generated buildings, both from SketchUp and from the Building Maker tool.
DIY StreetView: This is mostly just food for thought, but has some neat possibilities. Using the Sony MHS-PM5 camera and a special lens, you can capture 360 degree footage. They demo software for it that can “unwrap” the image, lay it out, and then allow you to move around in the video while it’s playing. It feels kind of like YellowBird or Immersive Media, but it’s something you could create and publish by yourself.
Check out the video below to see the demonstration:

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