New StreetView imagery in Sweden and Denmark

Google has just released StreetView imagery for Sweden and Denmark, details of which can be found on Google Maps Mania.

Turning Torso

I’ve also heard that various other areas have been updated, including:
UK: New small areas in the UK are now visible. Avebury, Glendurgan Garden, Castle Drogo, Nymans Garden, The Wicken Fen, and many more
Italy: Coverage is expanded, particularly in southern Italy. (Sicily and Sardinia also got updates and look to be near 100%)
Netherlands: Updated.
Taiwan Expanded coverage.
If you know of any other new/updated areas, please let us know. Some of the best new locations have already been posted on Street View Gallery, StreetViewFun and the Google Earth Hacks StreetView section, so check those out to see the best sights in this new imagery.

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  1. You wrote Sweden and Norway in the post, but there doesn’t seem to be any street view data for Norway. So you meant Sweden and Denmark only, right? I wish they included it for Norway too.

  2. Oops, good catch! Post corrected.

  3. There’s been a big update in the UK – most motorways and many major roads now covered as of today 🙂

  4. Good to see comprehensive coverage of Denmark and Sweden for exploration from Jutland to beyond the Arctic circle.
    As well as some new cities in the UK, the small area ‘highlights’, many off road, are worth a look, specially the awesome 5,000 year old Neolithic henge at Avebury.

  5. A specific picture quickly got a lot of attention in Denmark where a cyclist fell on his bike:,12.570184?pov=53.23,13.09,0
    However it has a more funny backstory. The person was trying to take a picture with his mobile phone when he saw the Google van.
    The cyclist has a friend working at Google and he called his friend after the fall. According to Peter Friis, the country manager of Google Denmark the cyclist found the picture pretty funny.

  6. FrAncisco says:

    More coverage in Spain… That was like 2 weeks ago but you didn’t said anything… (is coverage in tiny towns and thingsike that)….

  7. When do you display Street View images from Finland? You have been filming at least in Helsinki, that’s all we know so far…

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