New Google Earth Imagery – January 28

Thanks to some sharp-eyed readers (‘Alok’ in particular), we find ourselves with fresh imagery in Google Earth!
[UPDATE 1-FEB — The “updated areas” KML file is now available. Download it here.]
We know for sure that parts of India have been updated (Bhopal, in particular), but there’s certainly many other areas as well. If you find any other updated regions, please leave a comment and let us know.

Bhopal, India

As always, you can use Google Maps to determine for sure whether or not a specific area is fresh. This new imagery isn’t in Google Maps yet, so you can compare Earth vs. Maps to see what’s new; the fresh imagery is already in Google Earth, but the old imagery is still in Google Maps. If you compare the two side-by-side and they’re not identical, that means that you’ve found a freshly updated area in Google Earth! [UPDATE — It seems that the new imagery is now in Maps too, so we’ll have to wait for them to update the official KML to see what else is new]
We’ll keep this post updated with the list of new areas, so let us know what you can find!
[UPDATED — 28-Jan, 9:34pm EST]

  • India: Bhopal (thanks ‘Alok’)
    • New Zealand: Much of central-north Canterbury including Lyttelton, Rolleston, Rangiora, Amberly, Woodend, Darfield, Burnham – but excluding Christchurch (thanks ‘railfan990’)
    • Mauritius: About 75% of the island was updated (thanks ‘Thierry’)
    • Romania: Targu Mures (thanks ‘Cristian’)
    • Russia: Part of Moscow (thanks ‘RiderLT’)
    • United Kingdom: Large part of West Yorkshire, and some of North Yorkshire. Leeds/Bradford/Keighley/Skipton (thanks ‘Jimmy_Lemon’)
    • United States: Cape Canaveral, FL (thanks ‘Munden’), parts of California and Arizona (thanks ‘Steven’)
    • Venezuela: Barcelona (thanks ‘Snakeye’)

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  1. I think Cape Canaveral got an update to higher resolution imagery. It looks more clear and certainly different now at any rate.

  2. Some of the other areas that are claimed to be updates are already in Google Maps, including my mention of Cape Canaveral. I don’t know what to make of it, since Google HAS updated both at the same time in the past. Maybe it was a recent update I missed, I don’t know.

  3. Cristian G says:

    Romania: Targu Mures – west area (already in Maps too)

  4. Part of Moscow and 1 week old imagery of Haiti, other that added before.

  5. UK – Large part of West Yorkshire, and some of North Yorkshire. Leeds/Bradford/Keighley/Skipton area.

  6. P.S.:Just noticed, that new imagery is already available in Google Maps, for the first time they made new imagery available for both services in a matter of few hours.

  7. railfan990 says:

    New Zealand – Much of central-north Canterbury including Lyttelton, Rolleston, Rangiora, Amberly, Woodend, Darfield, Burnham – but excluding Christchurch. Images from several different dates.

  8. Mauritius – About 75% of the island was updated.

  9. The Eastern part of the Los Angeles, California greater area and Yuma,
    Arizona has been updated.

  10. Barcelona, Venezuela, has new hi-res imagery (taken in November), showing Venezuela’s new fighters.

  11. West Cornwall in the UK has been updated.

  12. i know it whenever they put new imagery,
    the globe will become blurry when i first open it. whenever this happens, i rush to this site to confirm it :).
    but yesterday when it happened and i came here, there was nothing about it. so i thought, may be i was wrong, and checked the places i know if there was any new imagery, and i couldn’t find any.
    but i was right after all, there IS new imagery

  13. Romania – Barlad and east of Barlad.

  14. UK – Some areas to the north of Gatwick airport have been updated.

  15. Lithuania: small update south of Plunge with August 28, 2009 imagery.

  16. [Italy]: S-E part of Sicily has got new imagery

  17. [Italy]: S-E part of Emilia Romagna near Faenza

  18. Romania:Pitesti update imagery.

  19. Ulcinj in Montenegro, also the region south of Shkodra in Albania. Images are from GeoEye (Aug 22, 2009).

  20. Venezuela: Barcelona and Mochima

  21. I found by chance an update around San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina I don’t know however whether it is the latest update or an earlier one.

  22. Walton-on-Thames, UK updated imagery in Google Maps. At last!

  23. The Druid says:

    @Jimmy Lemon
    Keighley and surrounding areas were update several months ago, this isn’t new, as in this very update.

  24. Indonesia: proper Manado, N. Sulawesi have updated imagery
    (Aremania-Jakmania One Heart. Anti racism)

  25. Parts of Herefordshire and Oxfordshire in the UK are updated.

  26. UK – most of Surrey has new, good high res imagery from late May 2009.

  27. UK – the whole of Oxfordshire has high res imagery from late May 2009 which appears to be an update.

  28. Pleiku in Vietnam also has new hi-res imagery.

  29. Disappointed says:

    They sometimes ruin perfectly good imagery by processing it incorrectly. I don’t know when this happened, as I haven’t looked at this particular location in GE for several months, but this place used to have very nice snowy winter imagery:,25.601114&z=15&t=h&hl=en
    And now they gave it some completely unnatural looking ugly greenish-grey look, and actually reduced the quality and level of detail considerably …
    It ought to look similar to this (as it used to):,26.18923&z=15&t=h&hl=en
    I wish somebody actually looked at those images before just processing them automatically!

  30. Bali ( Kuta, Sanur, Denpasar and Jimbaran areas) have new imagery

  31. Llyodminister Alberta Canada – Alberta side of the border

  32. Romania:Caracal.

  33. we have kml for this updates?they update imagery foe few days but still no kml:(:(:(

  34. Sad to see that Lyttelton, New Zealand got painted green by the much dreaded, ugly, unnatural green brush. A pretty rough job too when you look north of the ranges surrounding Lyttelton.

  35. The “latest Imagery” network link now has the Jan. 28 imagery locations. Use the link you surely have in your placemark list.
    If you don’t have it, this might work:

  36. It looks like the imagery for Cape Kennedy is older than what was previous there.
    If you check the image date for the “new imagery” it shows Dec 31, 2006. In the timeline going back to the previous imagery it shows it was taken May 8, 2007

  37. Leonardo Daniel Leidi says:
  38. The 28 January imagery update has appeared automatically in my placemarks sometime in the last 24 hours, which is nice, but it would be nicer to have had some information from Google that this was how the information was being disseminated now.
    However, there seems to be an error in the file as the new late May 2009 imagery in West Yorkshire UK is not outlined.

  39. New various cities with images from 1943 can be seen in the Timeslider modus.

  40. Here are all cities to be seen in Timeslider mode for dec. 1943:
    Germany: Hamburg, Augsburg, Nuremberg, Freiburg, Koblenz Dortmund, Lübeck, Kiel, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Frankfurt/Main, Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bamberg, Regensburg, Göttingen, Kehl, Magdeburg, Dessau, Leipzig, Dresden and more of Berlin.
    France: Strasbourg, Bordeaux and Lyon.
    Italy: Torino, Florence, Naples, Bologna, Rome.

  41. Within the last 12 hours a post on the Google Lat-Long blog has appeared with information on the “February” update via plug-in, a KML or Google Map versions. This is actually the 28 January update, but it is good to have the ‘official’ version, which I don’t think we had for the 13 January update.
    There is no mention, however, that latest imagery will be updated automatically in Places once a KML is installed, which appears to have happened at the end of January.

  42. Chris:
    Starting with the Jan 13 imagery update, Google changed the kml from a static placemark to a network link with two parts, the current imagery update, and the list of all previous updates. As a network link, you should assume that the placemark labled “latest imagery” would call up the most current placemark as soon as it was changed on the web server. Simply right-click and choose “refresh”. Eventually, you’ll get the latest.

  43. Ernie – thanks for the explanation. That’s exactly what has happened. and it’s very convenient. But my point is that Google oddly do not seem to have publicised this useful change anywhere, for example in the lat-ong blog which is an obvious place.

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