More 3D models added, with many more on the way

As they often do late in the week, Google has added a bunch more 3D models to Google Earth. There are no new 3D cities this time, but they’ve added a lot more user-generated models, presumably many of them from users creating them with the Building Maker tool. The official Building Maker Twitter account (@BuildingMaker) even showcased a user (“egRender“) that has modeled over 200 buildings!
Google has also announced some numbers from the popular “Model Your Town” competition. As of now, more than 400 locations have taken the challenge to model their town.

Model Your Town

As these towns begin producing their 3D content, we could see another nice stream of 3D buildings find their way into Google Earth. We already have three main channels: SketchUp submissions, Building Maker buildings and large cities that are auto-generated by Google. Having another way to get additional models show into Google Earth would be excellent.

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