Mapping the 2010 Santos Tour Down Under

The 2010 Santos Tour Down Under is the biggest cycling race in Australia, and it’s the first event in the 2010 UCI (International Cycling Union) World Calendar. It features top riders from all over the world, including Lance Armstrong.
GEB reader Thomas has spent some time building an impressive collection of KML data for the race. You can check out the details on his blog, or simply download the KML file here.

Santos Tour Down Under

The race begins tomorrow, January 19, and consists of six stages that cover a total of nearly 800 kilometers. Each stage is mapped out in the KML in a different color, and it really helps to show the size of the race.
For more information about the Tour Down Under, you can visit their website at

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  1. Nice post! Great to be able to follow where the riders actually are. Takes a layer of abstraction away from the racing.

  2. Interesting…Cycling is exciting, but never heard about the Santos Tour. Makes the man think about Brazil…
    Are there any of the Tour de France, Tour of Spain as well?

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