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New improvements and cities in Building Maker: Google continues to improve the slick (and popular) Building Maker tool. This update makes it even easier to see which other buildings are under construction by fellow modelers, which is a much-requested enhancement. When viewing the map for potential locations to build, blue icons will appear to show where nearby buildings have recently been modeled. In addition, they’ve added the cities of Milan, Italy and Miami, Florida to the list.
GEB iPhone appGet the GEB iPhone app: With the help of MotherApp, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our first iPhone app! The app gives you quick access to our recent posts, recent videos on
our YouTube page
, and our recent tweets (@GEarthBlog). It’s nothing too remarkable, but it’s free! Download it from the app store here, or simply search for “Google Earth Blog”.
New SketchUp Build: A new build of Google SketchUp has just been released, which tackles some bugs and security issues (full details). It’s a free update, so it’s recommended if you’re a SketchUp user.

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