Links: Burj Dubai, Historical Imagery Updates, Updated EveryTrail App

Burj Dubai: The tallest building in the world, the Burj Dubai Khalifa (Update: renamed after opening), opened to the public yesterday. At over 800 meters tall, it is by far the tallest building on the planet. You can view it in Google Earth (KML) or view it here using the Google Earth Plug-in.

Burj Dubai

Historical Imagery Update Information: As pointed out by Stefan at Ogle Earth, Google’s Imagery Update KML now includes information about previous updates as well.
EveryTrail Update: We’ve talked about EveryTrail a few times in the past (GE5 tour support, updated layer, etc), as it’s a very slick GPS-oriented trip-sharing service. They’ve just released version 3 of their iPhone app, which has some great additions such as the ability to follow trips on an interactive map, see your current route being drawn on the map, and a lot of sharing capabilities with Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Here’s a brief video showing off the new app:

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