New Google Earth Imagery – January 12

It appears that the first imagery update of 2010 is upon us. As pointed out by sharp-eyed reader ‘Kevin’, parts of northern France have been updated.
I’m sure there are many other areas as well, but I’ve yet to track them out. As you discover updated regions, please leave us a comment and let us know.
This new imagery isn’t in Google Maps yet, so remember that you can compare Earth vs. Maps to see what’s new; the fresh imagery is already in Google Earth, but the old imagery is still in Google Maps. If you compare the two side-by-side and they’re not identical, that means that you’ve found a freshly updated area in Google Earth!
[UPDATE — 13-Jan, 5:09pm EST]
The KML file has been updated, so you can see the location of all of the fresh imagery.

  • Albania: Tirana (thanks ‘Edi’)
  • France: Various areas
  • Germany: City of Chermnitz (thanks ‘Kevin’)
  • Macedonia: Skopje (thanks ‘Edi’)
  • Poland: Pila (thanks ‘PaSKud’)
  • Romania: Botosani (thanks ‘twist3r’)
  • Russia: Novorossiysk and Krymsk (thanks ‘Mithgol’)
  • Saudi Arabia: Madinah (thanks ‘Alsay’)
  • Sweden: Southern parts
  • United States: Fresno, California (thanks ‘David’), Austin, Texas (thanks ‘Spencer’)

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  1. I have discovered some other areas :
    Sweden :
    South of Sweden (0,5 meter resolution)
    France :
    Departements of Marne (0,5 meter resolution)
    Germany :
    City of Chermnitz
    To be continued… 😉

  2. Fresno, Ca. and the surrounding area have been updated with 2009 imagery.

  3. Kapustin Yar Missile Test Range – Russia

  4. Re: The Fresno update. It’s a BIG area that’s updated. Selma, Ca. is 15 miles south of Fresno, and we too have updated imagery.
    That imagery had to have been taken on a Friday considering the City Hall parking lot is empty.
    Due to budget cuts, our City Hall is now closed on Fridays.
    The resolution is much higher too.

  5. Botoșani, Romania

  6. Austin, TX has been updated with 2009 imagery.

  7. Russia, Novorossiysk and Krymsk, GeoEye image (dated Jun 10, 2009).

  8. Tirana, Albania.
    Skopje, Macedonia.

  9. McMaster_de says

    Some Cities of the Netherlands like:
    or is this from an older update?

  10. The update in France (Marne) announced above, was released on the august 24 2009 update. I see nothing new today.

  11. Madinah, Saudi Arabia

  12. Eastern part of Kasachstan including the USSR atomic test area near Semey / Semipalatinsk.

  13. kml file is comming soon???

  14. Fromage — I can’t vouch for Marne, but I know that the “Pargny-sur-Saulx” area of France is fresh, which is why I’ve just said “various” for now.
    McMaster — Those areas in the Netherlands were from the mid-December update last month.

  15. cristi — I would expect they’ll just update the current KML file (which is actually a network link), so just download it and refresh often. 🙂
    When it’s updated (or they happen to release a different file), I’ll be sure to update the post.

  16. Southern half of Saskatchewan, Canada has been updated with medium resolution.

  17. France :
    north of Var Department

  18. Croatia.. middle area

  19. Poland – near Piła

  20. Actually, Kevin, the city in Germany is called Chemnitz (maybe a typing mistake 😉 . Furthermore the area of Chemnitz isn’t updated. The picture was released already last year. Unfortunately i didn’t discoverd any new imagery in germany :(….

  21. thank’s….i will wait until new kml appear!

  22. Fromage -> Yes, the aerial imagery in Marne has been updated in August, 2009 thanks to IGN but it was a 2004 imagery. This one is a 2009 imagery.
    You can compare it with the historical layer in Google Earth 😉

  23. The southern part of Alberta in Canada, Montgomery in Alabama, and Amarillo in Texas. Sacramento, California looks like it has major changes. Here are plans for a future update:
    * Southeast Oregon
    * Northern Chad
    * Recolor in Northern India
    * More African countries with Spot imagery
    * Alaska with Higher-res imagery
    * More of the Los Angeles greater area (this is where I live)

  24. Yep, Sean. September 25, 2009 was a Friday.

  25. Qatar, Ad-Dahirah: There’s a new strip of GeoEye data running East-West across Qatar. It includes Ad-Dahirah where the updates they’re making to the seawall at their oil terminal are easily apparent.

  26. Ukrainian city of Uzhhorod updated with Jun 9 2009 pic (previous pic had lot of clouds)

  27. South of Cancun, Mexico

  28. I noticed some earlier 2009 update of western part of the Kiev, Ukraine and its suburbs. Didn’t see any remarks about that in previous imaginery update posts.

  29. Lithuania, south-west of Kaunas updated with April 4, 2009 imagery.

  30. Russia – southern part of Moscow (Butovo)

  31. Nothing ‘official’ from Google yet – listing, KML or map? Was there anything for the previous update, or are Google losing interest in providing such information?

  32. The Google Map layer has been updated. Wait and see…

  33. The KML has now been updated. It shows the imagery outlines for 13th January 2010.

  34. KML – thanks for the link, and nice to see a dozen or so departments in France with updates.
    But where has Google publish the KML, as it does not seem to have appeared in the ‘official’ Lat-long blog as previiously, along with the ‘where on earth’ quiz and listings of updates, plus a link to a Google Map version of the KML latterly?

  35. Holy crap at fresno update! The images used to be from 2003 or 2004 so they were terribly outdated. So much so, that I was using Bing!!!

  36. Zheleznovodsk, Yessentuki, Pyatigorsk (Stavropol region), Russia

  37. Cristian G says

    – some parts in Mehedinti area
    – Corabia city and surroundings
    – area between Pitesti, Câmpulung and Târgoviște
    – some parts in Vaslui and Bacău area
    – some parts from Galați
    – some parts from Tulcea

  38. The new imagery on Google is amazing! The area around my house in Austin is literally less than 3 months old!! I work for a government entity that fly’s aerials every year (and provides Google with imagery some times) and the imagery on google maps right now is more up to date than our 09′ imagery (not as good res but that’s what you get from Sat imagery). Does anyone know what Satellite was used for this imagery??
    Austin, TX

  39. The golden ears bridge was built and completed in july 2009, and unbelieveably its still in 2008 mode in the images of when the connectors weren’t even built let alone the bridge.

  40. Atlanta, GA, USA. Updated Apr 9!

  41. WOW! Great Imagery in Southeastern Massachusetts, USA.

  42. Please inform me if any map update is there for POLLACHI, INDIA

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