Top 10 Google Earth Blog stories in 2009

It’s been quite a year for Google Earth. Not only was there a major update to the software, but we also saw a ton of new imagery, 3D buildings, and StreetView locations. Based on what you looked at this year, here were the Top 10 most popular posts:
1. Using StreetView in Google Earth: With all of the great StreetView imagery added this year, many of you kept coming back to Frank’s post that explains how StreetView works inside of Google Earth.
2. Fantastic Free Google Earth Game: Ships: A very impressive (and fun) game in Google Earth, using 3D modeled ships.
3. The New Google Mars: As part of Google Earth 5, they introduced “Google Mars”. This post shows how it works and what some of the best features of it are.

Mars Canyon

4. Google Earth 5 Released: One of Google’s big releases this year was the introduction of Google Earth 5. With it came Google Ocean, Historical Imagery, Tours and Google Mars. It’s hard to believe we didn’t have any of those features until this year.
5. Home Made StreetView: Not content to wait for StreetView to come to his town, an enterprising student at National Taiwan University made his own!
6. New Imagery – February 28: Google has released a lot of new imagery this year, and their release in late February was a big one. Not only did it include a ton of new aerial imagery, but they also updated some 3D terrain, some bathymetry, and the roads layer.
7. Planes for Google Earth Flight Simulator: The Google Earth flight simulator is pretty neat, and ‘Amir B’ came up with a creative way to add more planes to it!
8. Titanic Wreck in 3D in Google Earth 5: When Google unveiled the new Ocean feature in Google Earth 5, people wanted to know if any famous shipwrecks could be found in there. Indeed they can.
Titanic Wreck

9. Marijuana Field Found?: Early this year, there was a major marijuana bust in Switzerland. Using Google Earth, GEB reader ‘dulk’ apparently found it!
10. New View of Ocean Floor: Prior to Google Earth 5, the only view of the ocean floor was the imagery seen from the air. In January, Google enhanced the view of the oceans worldwide. It was certainly a great improvement, but it was blown away by the release of Google Earth in version 5.
So there you have it; our most popular stories of 2009. What was your favorite Google Earth story this year?

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