The most unusual buildings in the world

Over the past few years, Village of Joy has written a handful of different articles that showcase “50 strange buildings of the world”. Each time, they find 50 more buildings to highlight, all of which have very unique features (such as being built to appear upside-down, or shaped like a chicken).

Big Chicken

Following after the articles, user ‘Muden’ on Google Earth Hacks (whose files have been downloaded nearly 100,000 times) has taken the time to locate all of the buildings and create a KML file to showcase them. It can be quite difficult to find them all, given the relatively short descriptions on Village of Joy, but he’s been able to locate virtually all of them.
Some of the buildings have 3D models built for them, and many have StreetView imagery as well. Check them out using the links below:
Part IVillage articleGEH fileKML
Part IIVillage articleGEH fileKML
Part IIIVillage articleGEH fileKML
Angkor Wat

Out of the 150 buildings, the only one he can’t find at all is the “Ewok House” from part 2. Can you track it down? If not, what other strange buildings have you come across in Google Earth?

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