Place Pages arrive in Google Earth

A few months ago, Google added a new feature to Google Maps called Place Pages. Their description of them is a “webpage for every place in the world”. They have these auto-generated pages for every location found in Google Maps — restaurants, landmarks, cities, transit stations, etc. If you visit the page for a place you own, you have the ability to edit the page, add photos, etc. It’s pretty neat.
Now you can see that information inside of Google Earth and it’s very easy to do. When viewing a business or other POI in Google Earth, just click on the “View More Information” link and you’ll see their page.

Dubai Page

When viewing a page, you can expand many of the sections by clicking the appropriate “more” link within the page (“more photos”, “more reviews”, etc).

It’s a very minor change to Google Earth, but opens up a ton of data for you to access while you’re in there. This seems to be another step toward making all of the data from Google Maps available in Google Earth (and vice-versa), which will help make both programs more useful for everyone.

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  1. In Europe the “other PoIs” with the new feature seem mainly to be those with the double page icon – as in the example shown in GEB.
    One downside in GE is the rather cumbersome opening of some further information through the browser and web pages rather than in GE. And another problem is the widespread use of opening paragraphs from Wikipedia ‘places’ with their stilted and outdated ‘capes and bays geography’ format – well overdue for radical reviosn in the original.

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