New imagery in Google Earth

For the last couple months, Google has been pushing out new imagery twice a month. It’s that time again and it’s another nice update from Google.
Some of the updated areas include the United States (in Texas and Arkansas), a little bit in Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay, much of northern Algeria, much of southern Myanmar, and various other places around the world.

December 3 Google Earth imagery

As has been the case lately, they’ve released a KML showing all of the updated areas. You can download the KML file, view the updates in Google Maps, or see the updated areas in the plugin below:

If you find any neat new locations, you can Tweet them out using the #GEarthIMG hash tag on Twitter, submit them to the database at Google Earth Hacks, or simply leave a comment below and tell us about it.

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  1. there is something wrong with the new imagery in texas….please check again and you will se town Kirbyville in not appearing on new imagery….i think new imagery is missplaced.

  2. Cristi — Good eye. I’ve contacted Google about it, and they’re aware of the problem. It will be fixed soon.

  3. Auckland NZ has received great hi-res update.

  4. Don’t forget about El Salvador (San Salvador) and Haiti in the Americas; Italy in Europe; Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou), Cameroon (Douala and Bonabéri), Chad, Ghana (Accra), Guinea (Conakry), Kenya (Nairobi), Nigeria, Sao Tome and Principe (Principe), Somalia (Mogadishu), Sudan and Uganda (Kampala) in Africa; and China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Oman, Pakistan and The Philippines (Manila) in Asia.

  5. It’s probably an obvious answer, but is there any reasoning to what locations get new images? Some places seem to get new imagery every 6 months, while others still use images from 3,4 or even 5 years ago.
    Also, has there been a locations in which street view imagery got updated? I’m jealous of the newest locations which look amazing.

  6. Christoph says:

    Yes, the new Texas imagery belongs to the nortwestern Arkansas update, it’s the southern part of Lake Beaver. Funny indeed.
    Great update for Oman – you can nicely see the country developing, some dirt roads are paved now. And the terrain is great, as well. Look at the giant mountain in the northwest of the updated region!

  7. the new imagery in USA has date now.05.03.2009
    thanks google earth!

  8. Problems when zooming in on Idaho Falls, Idaho. Streets, house’s, and other data missing replaced with unknown terrain.

  9. snakeye25 says:

    Having smaller updates more often is a great move by Google. Just one downside with the change of anouncement method. If you miss one update, you won’t be able to get the kml file (or the old style listing of updates), as the updates link always points to the same kml file wich masks the real update file. So all update posts in Google Lat Long since the November 3 (which I missed) present todays kml information and embedded map. What’s the point of that?
    It would really help keep us informed if all those update posts (and future ones) really use the correct link and map. If it works, why do it any other way?

  10. Eagerly awaiting complete coverage for Ireland. I’d like to be able to see the places my folks stayed at. The Emerald Isle in GE appears as if it’s held together with pieces of Scotch tape.

  11. Alameda County, California, has new high res terrain.

  12. Any idea why Maui hasn’t been updated for at least two years? There are full houses missing from my neighborhood. I would love it if they would update the imagry so I can see what everything looks like NOW – rather than two years ago.

  13. Tom Lynch …and to make matters worse, the strips of tape in Ireland seem to have been ripped (not literally) from Scotland. Is the weather the only explanation for poor coverafe of both places?
    On the subject of patchiness, although Google show updates for much of Algeria and Myamar (aka Burma) imagery is very varied within the red boundaries. How is this an update?

  14. Holger F from I says:

    I´m wondering what some people are bickering over. The imagery of my area in southern Germany is from 1999!. I can tell from some roads that are shown as being under construction, which was ten years ago.

  15. Kenneth Anguh says:

    Hi There, Good Afternoon,I happen to have installed the Beta Version of Google Earth on my PC and wish to get a complete new view of my country,Cameroon and all its towns with their newest and actual settings and adjustments.
    I hope I shall receive the soonest,ideas on what to do so that I can have the latest and actual live pictures of sites in my town and country.

PLEASE NOTE: Google Earth Blog is no longer writing regular posts. As a result, we are not accepting new comments or questions about Google Earth. If you have a question, use the official Google Earth and Maps Forums or the Google Earth Community Forums.