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Google has just announced their first-ever “Model Your Town” Competition.
The goal is to get smaller cities to work on building their town in 3D. While every town will likely see their models in Google Earth, the winning town will win $10,000 for its schools, a Google-sponsored party, a video profile of the winning team and some other goodies.
It sounds similar to the “Build Your Campus in 3D” competition they held a few years ago, which was quite successful, and the “Cities in 3D” project they launched last year.
With some work, Google could have a bunch of small towns looking as great as McMinnville, TN, a small town that did a superb job modeling their town (KML).
You can read more about it on the Google SketchUp Blog, or watch the video below:

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  1. Maybe Google SketchUp could integrate something like ProFORMA:

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