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GeoVation: GeoVation, the Ordnance Survey-supported community aiming to promote innovative uses of geography, launched its competition in October by asking people to think of how mapping could help address some of the world’s big challenges. Their January 4, 2010 deadline is fact approaching. If you have an idea on how to improve the economy, society or the environment, you’re encouraged to enter your ideas. The four winning entries will receive cash prizes to help fund their ideas.
Greenhouse gas world graph: The Joint Research Center in Ispra, the main European science research center, will be publishing one of the largest pollution databases ever.
In a recent interview, one of the scientists revealed that they’ll be publishing all of their data via Google Earth. They reportedly plan to launch in a few weeks, near the end of the COP15 meetings in Copenhagen.
You can read the English (auto-translated) transcript of the interview here, or view the original (Italian) version here.
Tiger Woods’ Home in 3D: In keeping with the latest news, concept3D has generated a detailed 3D model of Tiger Woods’ house on Faglaro Island, Sweden. I considering skipping this story (and concept3D admits “some reluctance”), but the model is quite impressive. It includes 7 buildings, a dock, and a variety of trees. You can see a video of it below, or play with the live tour on the concept3D site.

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