Imagery update in Google Earth

We’ve just received a few reports from readers about new imagery in Google Earth. I’ve verified the reports and an update indeed is in progress.
[UPDATE, 17-DEC: Google has now written their post about this update and released the KML file that shows the updated areas.]
With the previous update, there was a minor hiccup near Kirbyville, Texas, where some incorrect imagery was placed there. That has just been corrected, which seems to indicate that new imagery has been pushed out.
Some of the other updated areas include: [UPDATED 13:57 EST]
Albania: Southern part of Tirana (thanks ‘Edi’)
Belgium: Most major cities (thanks ‘Martin’ and ‘Joris’)
Canada: Toronto (thanks ‘Shadow’)
Hungary: Budapest (thanks ‘twist3r’)
India: Various cities (thanks ‘Alok’)
Lithuania: West of Kaunas and around Palanga (thanks ‘LK’)
Peru: Parts of Lima (thanks ‘Jorge’)
Poland: , Cieszyn, Krakow, Puck and Warsaw (thanks ‘PaSKud’, ‘Dawud’ and ‘zbooy’)
Romania: Bucharest and Timisoara (thanks ‘dlhblog‘)
Russia: Parts of Saint Petersburg and Moscow (thanks ‘RiderlLT’)
Saudi Arabia: Various area (thanks ‘Alsay’)
UAE: Dubai (thanks ‘Falko P.’ and ‘Edi’)
United States: Large parts of Georgia (north, east), Michigan (Lansing), North Carolina (western) and South Carolina (south). (thanks ‘Keith’)
If you find other updated areas, please leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Maybe this Warsaw update is prepare to street view 🙂

  2. They have updated Dubai Imagery to the date of August 15th 2009. So its pretty new 🙂

  3. Parts of Saint Petersburg and Moscow in Russia. South Russia got Spot Imagery.
    Some patches over Baltic States.

  4. Tirana, Albania, southern part of the city and the area around it.
    Podgorica, Montenegro.
    Images are of July 2009.

  5. fjk: Maybe You’re right but also it corrects the problem that was with previuos imagery which didn’t line up with bird-eye images from Building Maker. All the buildings were just a little bit moved in comapare to sattelite imagery – now it is corrected.

  6. Some parts of Lithuania updates – west of Kaunas and around Palanga both with July 18-19, 2009 imagery.

  7. i hope that even Italy’s maps will be updated. Our country are still mapped with image from years 2002-2003 !!!

  8. Several updates of the northern Black Sea coast of the Caucasus (Russia):
    1) Cnes/Spot image to the east of Gelendzik (somewhat cloudy, but nevertheless better then the previous low-res).
    2) Cnes/Spot image to the north of Novorossiysk.
    3) Beautiful GeoEye image of the city of Anapa.
    All three are not on Google Maps yet.

  9. Budapst, Hungary has also imagery from July 09

  10. Joris Desseyn says:

    Also some updates in Belgium in maps between Brussels and Gent.
    New maps are dated 2009/07/31.

  11. Jorge De Albertis says:

    Part of LIMA, PERU shows jan’09 imagery.

  12. I am missing all the town names.

  13. It also seems that most of older low-res (TerraMetrics?) images of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus are being replaced by medium-res Cnes/Spot Image.
    narrow stripe to the west of Abrau-Dyurso;
    rectangular region to the north of Anapa;
    large area to the east of Taman;
    large stripe between Lermontovo and Nebug, goes farther to the north (up to Afipsky);
    long and narrow stripe (goes from the west of Lazarevskoye to the east of Krasnodar);
    large mountain area to the north-east of Sochi;
    a rectangular area to the south of Gagra (Abkhazia).

  14. Brussels, Gent, Antwerp, Liege, Brugge – all big citys in Belgium have imagery from july 2009.

  15. In Poland i noticed two new strips of new imagery around Cieszyn (souther Silesian voivodeship) and Puck (northern Pomeranian voiv.)

  16. Keith Gibby says:

    New imagery in Western North Carolina, Hayesville, NC area is lower resolution than previous release.

  17. Kraków, Poland, has new imagery as well (Jun-Jul 2009), so the Street View hypothesis seems plausible 🙂

  18. Italy has too much parts in low res and old imagery! please update whoel country as soon as possible, at least the major region-capital cities

  19. Nagpur, India

  20. Durg, Bhilai, India

  21. Looks like the Toronto area in Ontario, Canada has been updated

  22. In Poland we have also new imagery in Wroclaw, Poznan and Lodz.

  23. Saudi Arabia has new patches of imagery scattered.
    including Just south of Madinah and most of Yanbu.

  24. KML file is comming soon???

  25. town names seems to be AWOL

  26. Google is aware of the missing city names. I’d assume a KML is coming soon, but I haven’t seen it yet.

  27. The entire island of Oahu (minus Honolulu) has been updated; also, parts of Northern/Central California and Central Pennsylvania.

  28. Ankara, Turkey updated

  29. Isnt there a kml file showing all the updates?

  30. Montevideo, Uruguay. Apr 2009

  31. BRUSSELS – new iomagery is well below the quality of the old. Slide back in time to circa 2005 if you want the best

  32. Vác, Hungary has new gorgeous, hi-res update!

  33. Western Skopje, Macedonia.
    Images are from June 2009.

  34. Santiago, Chile fully updated

  35. Spot imagery for southern Chile (mostly south of Santiago down to the Northern Patagonian Ice Field).

  36. Iran – Tehran

  37. West of Caracsas, Venezuela

  38. Oahu and parts of California and Pennsylvania.

  39. Zagreb has got new imagery, although only one half of the city…

  40. Upper parts of Central Java, Indonesia have also been updated with 16 August 2009 imagery date.

  41. Pula (Croatia) as well.

  42. new imagery in china :
    shanghai(2010 World Expo),xiamen,jinjiang、changle、fuan、wuyishan etc. ,wuxi,shangyu,hangzhou,cixi,

  43. shandong,china

  44. Nice to see that Belgium has got another update, my town is just included in it =)
    There’s also new aug 2009 imagery around Abu Dhabi in the UAE. You can see the Yas Mrina circuit and Ferrari world.

  45. Bakersfield, California has new imagery.

  46. There is also new imagery in northern Sudan.

  47. Zambia has new country-wide medium resolution imagery.

  48. China: New stripes around Ningbo, including a long one just east of it going down the coast.

  49. Vicenza’s (Italy) image has an error! There is a slice in the whole stripe

  50. There’s also new medium imagery in the south part of European Russia

  51. Kosice, Slovakia

  52. The Netherlands has country wide new imagery

  53. Poznan in Poland has new imagery.

  54. The new Atlanta images look horrible. Taken in fall and appear way gainer and lower resolution than what existed. Color temperature looks off as well.

  55. New images from rosario – argentina have displaced all de 3d buldings about 7-8 meters east and 4 meters south.

  56. Muziekboot says:

    @Maserati: could you be more precise where in the Netherlands you found new imagery? I din’t find any. My home tonw has the same old imagery as most of the rest of the country (from 2005).

  57. Montgomery, Alabama is updated.

  58. Approaching 48 hours after these posts began, still no official Google announcement – nothing in Lat Long, no KML, no Google map of the updates. Are there technical problems or is too much else going on?
    Watching the space, and wondering whether GEB readers will be going back to the monthly games of spot the updates

  59. Gurgaon India has updated 2009 Image. This city has grown / changed drastically compared to the last 2006 Image.

  60. Beirut, Lebanon now has geoeye imagery from august 31st 2009

  61. – North of Kislovodsk, Stavropol region, Russia
    – Rostov-on-Don, Russia (very nice image, summer 2009)

  62. Enrique Silva says:

    Mexico: Parts of Mexico City, Hermosillo, Chihuahua, Monterrey, Torreon, Culiacan, Tequila, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosi, Veracruz, Hunucma and Mexicali, kind regards!

  63. Cristian G says:

    Romania Update:
    Târnaveni area;
    E60 Ciucea – Negreni area

  64. Hafeez Ullah Khan says:

    some parts of Saudi Arabia,Oman,Yemen,Iran,India,Sudan,Jordan,Syria,Turkey,Eastern & Southern Europe,Western Russian,Eastern China, Whole Country Of North Korea Also Has Been Updated.

  65. Vast parts of Russia – Northwest, Caucasus, Far East areas – now are effectively blocked from normal view by mosaics of imagery of different size, scale and taken from other locations.
    Can something be done about it?
    Is that a program’s negligence or outside interference?

  66. there also updated in Algiers, ALGERIA in Decembre 2009

  67. james shaw says:

    Hello, I want to thank google for his efforts in this field.I got a lot of knowledge from google earth. i request the google to update the imagaes of pakistani city KOHAT,noth west province. I hope that you will provide us the Dec.2009 images of KOHAT .
    Many thanks.

  68. Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    imagery is from 2006

  69. When street view from Chihuahua city Mexico would be available?

  70. Penang, Malaysia and also other states in Malaysia.
    It still use the year 2005 map. Many things have been changed.

  71. Plz update Saiha, Mizoram, India

  72. I would like to request an update for the Bot River lagoon in the Overberg area, near Cape Town, South Africa. The satellite image is of the lagoon when nearly empty.. usual state is full as is current.
    It’s significant internationally: world famous Golf course – Arabella Golf Course is on it’s bank as well as other guest houses and holiday homes and accomodation. Also it falls Within a UNESCO World Heritage site the Oversee Biosphere.

  73. Please Update Vitebsk Belarus plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  75. anonymous says:

    This has been a very historical update for Google. The very first image exclusively taken by Google was taken in Oakland, CA on August 25, 2009. Today there were about 500 of these images all over the US.

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