Detroit finally goes 3D, new imagery on Mars

Detroit in 3D: Having grown up in Michigan and attending a variety of sporting events in Detroit over the years, I was often disappointed to see the lack of 3D models in there. In an effort to try and help, I even did a good bit of work with the Building Maker tool in Detroit.
However, I am no longer disappointed — Detroit is now in full 3D! The coverage doesn’t seem quite as widespread as the Milan update last week, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. They have hundreds of buildings in there, including all of the skyscrapers, stadiums and landmarks.
I’m a bit sad that “The Fist” (info, KML, StreetView) didn’t make it in 3D, but that’s why Google gives us so many great tools. One of you need to create that sculpture in SketchUp and get it in there — it’s far beyond my skills. 🙂
Here’s a brief video tour showing off some of the highlights of the new 3D city:

New imagery on Mars: Earlier this year, Google introduced us to Google Mars; a Google Earth-like interface for the red planet. They’ve just pushed out a major update to Mars, with lots of new imagery and updated terrain data.
To see the updated areas, you can use this KML file to see what’s new. Along with the normal outlined areas showing new imagery, they’ve put a few arrows on the map to highlight spotlight areas of particular interest.
For more info, be sure to read the full post on the LatLong blog.

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  1. N. W. Perry says:

    Glad to see the update; I too had been working on buildings for Detroit. Of course, I feel like the buildings I made are better than the “default” models in the full 3D, but they’re still officially awaiting review…
    Hopefully, San Antonio is next!

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