Sketchup 7.1 bug fixes and lifelike facades

To go along with the nice imagery update yesterday, Google has done a few things to help improve the 3D models found in Google Earth
Update to SketchUp 7.1: This update consists entirely of bug fixes, with no new features present. It fixes some measurement and precision errors, among other things. Here are the full release notes if you’re interested. SketchUp 7.1 added a lot of great features, so this update should make modelers very happy.
3D models with detailed facades: Using StreetView imagery, in a way similar to what you can do in SketchUp 7.1, Google has added high-res facades to buildings in five California cities: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Franciso, Berkeley and Stockton. By using StreetView imagery to detail the 3D models, zoomed in areas of the downtown streets look stunning. Here’s a quick video showing some of these new buildings:.

I’d expect we’ll see this technology find its way over to Building Maker eventually. Having that kind of imagery available in Building Maker would allow them to expand the available area for it much more rapidly.
In the meantime, enjoy the sharp looking cities in California. They’re quite stunning and becoming more realistic all the time.

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  1. Mariano Tapia says:

    It’s a pity the low resolution in an area of mountains, forests and lakes in the Andes where thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of people spend their holidays and vacation:

  2. discover a new 3d near Paris and La défense here:
    La Garenne Colombes 48.911218,2.246447

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