New Google Earth Imagery – November 3

Sharp-eyed reader ‘RiderLT’ has discovered some fresh imagery in Google Earth, which we’ve been able to confirm. If you look in central Kazakhstan (earthmaps) you’ll see that there is clearly new imagery in the area. Remember, you can compare the imagery in Google Earth to the imagery in Google Maps to determine if an area has been updated. As with previous updates, the new imagery is visible in Google Earth but is not yet visible in Google Maps.
What else can you find that’s been updated?
[UPDATE — 03-Nov, 6:01pm EST]
Google has released the official list of updates. You can view it using the Google Earth Plug-in on their site, or download the KML to see all of the updates inside of Google Earth.

  • Brazil — Especially south and southeast parts of the country (thanks ‘Tiago’)
  • Kazakhstan — Most of the country (thanks ‘RiderLT’)
  • New Zealand — Waikato, mostly north of Hamilton (thanks ‘Erik’)

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  1. Tiago Carraro says:

    There’s new mid-resolution imagery in Brazil, at almost the whole country, specially south and southeast states!

  2. A bunch of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand has been updated.

  3. Another large part of Niger got new medium imagery too

  4. Northern half of Niger, all of North Carolina & North Pakistan/West China

  5. Also, Lincoln, NE, Sacramento, CA & parts of Florida including Tampa & St Petersburg have been updated

  6. With Google’s announcement today (c. 22.00 European time) on the Lat Long blog of new and more timely announcements of GE updates, it looks like GEB readers will no longer have the fun of spotting updates for a couple of days before the official announcement. Google’s suggestion of Tweeting doesn’t have the same appeal, does it?
    Incidentally is there any possible unwanted baggage installed with the GE plug in which is receiving fresh promotion from Google?

  7. While I see North Carolina outlined on the imagery update, most of the imagery doesn’t appear to new. There are a few counties that are also outlined individually and they have definitely updated, but not the whole state. (confused)

  8. Denpasar City and Nusa Penida Island in Bali, Indonesia got new imagery too

  9. There are a few counties that are also outlined individually and they have definitely updated, but not the whole state.I like the post very much as it contain information regarding the new software named as Google Earth and its activities.

  10. As the KML file’s name suggests, we should prepare for small updates now even more often than once a month.

  11. KML – while some outlined areas, like Bedfordshire UK, have clearly been updated as a whole, other outlined areas, like N Carolina quoted by’tozmerzo’, are patchworks where not all coverage appears to be new.
    As Google are going to issue these KMLKs more frequently, information from them on the variety and nature of new imagery would be appreciated.

  12. Macedonia – Kumanovo city

  13. Yankees just won the World Series and still no new imagery update for either of NY’s 2 baseball stadiums (which opened this year, and have been in construction for 3 years).

  14. who actually takes all the images?? have google set up a photography team for the likes of streetview?? is it google owned planes in the sky taking pics??
    someone inform me please!!!!

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