New community for Builder Makers

In an effort to help Builder Maker users connect with each other, Google has just unveiled their new Building Maker community. This community is aimed at users who model 3D buildings, whether they use SketchUp or they simply use the Building Maker tool.
Their goal is to have a place for people to share tips, tricks and other support for these tools. If you have questions about Building Maker, or need help solving a problem with it, this new community would be a good place to start. In addition, they’re hoping that people will communicate with each other so they don’t duplicate the same buildings. While it’s a good idea, it still needs more work.
A community message board is simply not the best way to check to see who is working on a particular building — it’ll be chaos. Instead, they need to show markers on the map to indicate which buildings are being worked on or have recently been completed. Using different colors, they could show buildings:
— Under construction by a fellow Builder
— Completed by a fellow builder and waiting approval by Google
— Completed by a fellow builder but denied by Google
— Already 3D in Google Earth
By doing that it’d be very easy to tell what buildings you should avoid wasting your time on. They already show markers for other buildings that you have built (see image below), so why not show markers for buildings submitted by other users? I would expect a feature like this to be implemented eventually.

Markers showing buildings I’ve done in Atlanta
Buildings in Atlanta

Also, Google will probably be releasing their latest set of 3D buildings to Google Earth sometime today or tomorrow, so we’ll keep you posted on that. They’ll likely announce it on their Twitter account, but if you see any new buildings start to pop up, please let us know.

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Mickey has been using Google Earth since it was released in 2005, and has created a variety of geo-related sites including Google Earth Hacks. He runs a web design firm in Marietta, GA, where he lives with his wife and two kids.


  1. There such tool to see buildings around a city. After completing a building – enter it and use ‘Map’ link which is just over picture of your building. There we can see all buildings on the map around yours but we can scroll the map to other areas.

  2. Tip: How to Check if someone has already modelled the building your working on – After you’ve made the first ‘Save’ when working in Building Maker, if now goto your model in 3dwarehouse and click on the ‘Map’ tab you can quickly see if someone has already modelled that location.

  3. There’ve been update in 3D buildings layer. Almost all of my collection made by Building Maker was accepted – even a train model and some botels 😀
    They didnt accept models of planes from military museum though…

  4. PaSKud and alfski — That is a good technique, but you can’t see it until after you’ve finished a building. Plus, I think that only shows approved models; there’s no telling how many might be already completed and are simply pending approval.

  5. Mickey – the ‘Map’ tab shows any 3dwarehouse model for that location, approved for GE or not. For some sites you will see many competing models.
    Also, as soon as you make a Save on the model you are working on in BuildingMaker, you can check it straight away in 3dwarehouse. So check the ‘Maps’ tab before you get too carried away with model building.
    Even if you do find an existing model, check it in ‘3D View’ or GE to see if you can do a better job before giving up!

  6. Mickey – it often shows more than one model for a building so I think that are all models not only the approved ones…

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