More new imagery in Google Earth

It’s only been a couple of weeks since their last update, but Google has just pushed out more new imagery for Google Earth.
Some of the areas that have been updated are various locations in the United States (including Florida and California), a few locations in Brazil, northern India, northern New Zealand and a variety of other locations around the world.
You can see the new locations using this KML file, or view them here in Google Maps.

Airplanes on the ground in Rio de Janeiro

Share your finds: As with previous updates, they’re encouraging you to Tweet about interesting things that you find in the new imagery using the #GEarthIMG hashtag. You could also drop a link to your interesting discoveries in our comments, or submit them to the database over at Google Earth Hacks.

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  1. Google added also some very new images. eg in Germany. The image is from Sep 20th 2009

  2. I noticed the CA changes in the Central Coast (Monterey/San Benito Counties)

  3. Muridke, Pakistan has got new imagery.

  4. Biggest update has to be high-res for vancouver bc. Obvious they listened to our complaints about lack of any modern updates. Now you can see all the olympic venues. Update is basicly a swatch from the us border all the way up to whistler.

  5. I hope that the updates to California’s Monterey and San Benito counties show us what future updates will look like. This looks great! the coloring is natural and consistent. And the detail is wonderful. No more green shading!
    A related question: I don’t know when this area was last updated, terrain-wise:
    34 20.003N, 118 23.074W
    but if you go there and look down the side of the mountain, you’ll notice that the terrain mapping is of the trees instead of the ground. Is this correct? Is the terrain grid so small now that it senses trees? I’ve spotted a few other places that show very small bumps, like dirt piles on the road. I wonder what the grid size is. Can we expect more of this?

  6. I noticed the CA changes in the Central Coast too,

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