Links: Trikes in South Africa, 10K museums, 10 things to know

StreetView Trikes in South Africa: With the World Cup coming to South Africa in 2010, Google has been working hard to cover the country with StreetView imagery. Not only are they using cars, but they’ll be using the cool “StreetView Trike” as well.
As with other countries, they’re asking you to vote for where the trikes should go. World Cup stadiums? Museums? Vote and let them know what you think.
If you haven’t seen the trikes before, they’re quite cool. Here’s a look at one driving around Stonehenge:

10,000 Museums in a Network Link: The folks at Muselius have put together a powerful little network link. Using their database of over 10,000 museums, they’ve created a KML that showcases all of them. You can get the KML file here.
10 things Americans should know about the world: Educational Tours has put together a neat piece that highlights “10 things Americans should know about the world“. They cover things such as where the largest producers of petroleum, our biggest supplier of bananas, etc. For each answer they provide a KML that flies you to that country.
While I’d like to have seen a bit more detail in the KMLs, or even an embedded plug-in that does it all in one shot, it’s a neat way to highlight items in an article like this.

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  1. Please see my comment on an earlier post: where I suggested Google Streetview come to South Africa…and they are coming!!!! Whoooooaaa! I can’t be more exited right now!

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