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Full list of StreetView updates We told you a few days ago about some large amounts of new data for StreetView. As time passed, Google slowly revealed more and more coverage. Along with the already covered Mexico, Netherlands and Hawaii, Google has released details about the new imagery in Spain, and it’s been confirmed that new imagery has been added to various locations in the United States and has finally come to the Canary Islands.
Google Maps Mania showcases some of the best views in each area: Spain | Hawaii | Netherlands | Mexico Launches Teach Mideast has just launched, and it provides a ton of free K-12 resources that cover the Middle East, Islam and Muslim societies. It uses an embedded map on the site to showcase their data, and gives a quick “View in Google Earth” link to allow you to go deeper. For teachers that cover that part of the world (history, geography, etc), this could be an excellent resource.

CyberCity 3D parters with HomeGain While I still think that ultimately we’ll all be able to easily model our own homes using something like Building Maker, it’ll be quite a while before that’s available in a wide enough area. Until then, it’s neat to see the growing competition between various “home modeling” companies as they fight for real estate business. The big winner in all of this is us, in the form of a more informative (and fun!) house-hunting search.
CC3D launched their “Virtual Viewing” product a few months ago, and now they’ve teamed up with to showcase some of those renderings on their site. I’m disappointed it’s not an embedded model, but it’s still nice to see at least some level of integration. Here’s a sample page where you can click on some of the “View in 3D” buttons.
Concept3D does some similar work (as we discussed last month), but they don’t have any direct ties to real estate companies that we’re aware of.
Here’s a screenshot of how the CyberCity3D/HomeGain integration works.
CyberCity3D with HomeGain

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  1. STREET VIEW so many new places, but are Google replacing older SV images anywhere?
    I sploke with a guy from Google after his presentation (covering SV among other topics) in London recently, and he was unsure.
    Google also need to get more trikes to cover the lovely buildings and business addresses in the pedestrianised hearts of places like The Hague.

  2. Chris – I know they’ve updated some areas with new imagery (replacing old imagery), but don’t know the specifics.
    For example, our local church used to have their “Merry Christmas” sign out front. Now it’s summertime there in StreetView and there’s no sign in sight. I’m guessing other areas have been refreshed as well, but I can’t say for sure.

  3. The problem I have with the Middle East is that I read a news item about fighting in a village and there’s no way that I can find that village. GE has the detailed hi-res imagery of that spot, but I can find no map that shows me where that village is. Sometimes it’s the spelling – when I get it right, GE takes me there. The news item didn’t match the spelling that GE has. If Google would collect links to comprehensive maps showing village names, that would be a great resource.

  4. Ive noticed that in the Canary Isles most of the street view imagery around Mt Teide is just black. Does anyone else notice this?

  5. Street View now on Martha’s Vineyard. I’m pretty sure Nantucket was covered on the last pass.

  6. Street View now on Martha’s Vineyard. I’m pretty sure Nantucket was covered on the last pass.

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