Google Earth 2.0 for iPhone released

Google has just pushed out version 2.0 of their iPhone app. The big enhancement in this version is the new synchronization with your “My Maps that you’ve saved in Google Maps. You can see the maps, lines, etc and even layer them together.

Google Earth 2.0 for iPhone

They’ve also added visual feedback when you select photos, businesses and other icons to make it easier to browse. When you select an icon, it will glow so you know which one you’ve selected.
In addition, they’ve improved the overall performance and added 13 new languages for a total of 31 in all.
You can download the updated app here. You can also check out this ReadWriteWeb article that explains more about converting your trips to KML to load into My Maps (and thus to the iPhone).

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  1. This is great news for iPhone users. Now, any idea when we might see this great app for any other mobile platforms like, oh…I don’t know..maybe ANDROID!! Surely Google realizes that the single biggest thing they can do to further the Android platform is to improve the Market and app quantity/quality in general. So why all the emphasis on great apps for iPhone? Shooting themselves in the foot here? And on a totally different, but related topic, why in the world doesn’t Google Maps on Android allow you to turn on compass mode like the iPhone where it turns the map as you turn? Why is Google’s own platform not getting the love?

  2. All cool and stuff. But i miss better coverage of smaller countries like Slovenia ect.

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