Caribbean 1500 Rally using Google Earth once again

As they have in years past, the Caribbean 1500 Sailing Rally is doing some cool stuff with Google Earth to help showcase their event, which begins today around noon EST.

Caribbean 1500

They’re using to help track the position of every boat and they have a variety of boat classes that you can track — Cruising, “Bahamas Fleet”, Rally Class 1/2 and Racing Class 3/4. Choose the one you want, then click the “Google Earth” link in the lower left corner. They show the current position of each boat, but they also take advantage of the Time Slider tool to let you see past locations.
They seem to have removed some of the other folders from previous years (weather and such), but that’s ok. Google Earth has some nice built-in weather data, which you can easily use alongside of the race data. That’s really the power of Google Earth — being able to combine data from a variety of sources to help get the most information at one time.
The race begins later today, so keep an eye on it in Google Earth to see who wins.

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