Your 3D buildings arrive in Google Earth and Shelter Competition winners announced

Google is just about to push out their weekly 3D building update, your some of your buildings might be in there! They’ve added thousands of user-generated buildings from people using the slick new Building Maker tool. Also, be sure to check out the models they’ve chosen for their Best of Building Maker collection, as it showcases some very nice models.
[UPDATE 24-OCT: The new buildings are now live in Google Earth. Also, as pointed out by ‘WLKPman’, Budapest, Hungary was updated with a full city of autogenerated 3D buildings. Good find!]
Google often releases new auto-generated 3D cities as well (Melbourne and Lyon last week, Antwerp and Portage before that), but no word on new cities today (yet). If you find any other new 3D cities, be sure to let us know.

Building Maker Cathedral

In addition, back in June Google announced a contest called the Design It: Shelter Competition. The goal was for participants to “create a simple shelter for a specific geographic location anywhere in the world”. The competition has ended and the winners were announced on the Google LatLong blog. The winning models can be found in the Google 3D Warehouse for viewing in Google Earth.
The People’s Prize: CBS – Cork Block Shelter [3D Warehouse]
The Juried Prize: SeaShelter [3D Warehouse]
The short video below highlights the winning submissions.

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  1. the most southerly 3d Buildings are at Rothera Base on Adelaide Island Antarctica.
    I worked there years ago.

  2. Google has just added full model of Budapest

  3. The city of La Garenne-Colombe, france is in 3d too.

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