StreetView also arrives in Canada

Along with releasing StreetView imagery in Prague, as we announced earlier today, Google has also released StreetView in a number of cities in Canada.

Canadian Parliment in StreetView

According to Google Maps Mania, the new cities include:

It’s quite a comprehensive update, so check out the new sights and let us know of any noteworthy things that you find.

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  1. My town (Greenfield, MA) just received expanded StreetView coverage. It’s not as entertaining a town as these others mentioned here, but I did notice something interesting. The foliage had started to turn in some of the images, which initially got to me to thinking that they may have been taken VERY recently. Looking around, however, I noticed that noteworthy changes about town are not pictured. I’d guess that the images were taken about a year ago (which makes much more sense in terms of turnaround time).

  2. Great to see this new SV coverage in some fascinating cities. But in SV in Google Maps I seem to have lost the useful oval zoom forward at speed tool in these new cities, although the zoom in rectangle is still there. Any other GEB reader notice this and/or can offer help?

  3. Yahoo! I have been waiting for this so long. It appears there are quite a few data related issues in Vancouver though. I believe this is a result of the Google Maps not matching the Street View GPS routes.

  4. These new images look great! Seems as if Google’s Street View image quality has been improving. Some of the earlier images are a bit muddy…these are chrystal clear.

  5. GE Fan 500 says:

    Kitchener has some streetview too.

  6. Also included are Whistler, Squamish, Banff and Kitchener-Waterloo.
    Keep up the goood work. I love your blog.

  7. Richard Nairn says:

    The Calgary, AB streetview has got a whole bunch of streets that were driven down the ALLEY! I’ve found numerous locations where I look at the street view and nothing appears on the road but rather gives an alley shot…

  8. Tom Lynch says:

    I was happy to discover that my hometown outside Boston is now covered by Street View. My excitement abated when I found the imagery to be sub par to that of the UK. And I’m guessing we’re not going to get a ‘do over’. It baffles me why they would go through all that effort, cover all those miles, to capture and present lower resolution images when they’re clearly capable of more.

  9. Have they blurred the statues face ?!!
    must be the automatic face detector. 🙂

  10. Lane Borden says:

    Holland, Bucks County PA is now covered in Street View, but only 1/2 of my street is in there, (East Village Drive) The street view stops halfway up the street, to another street they cover, kinda weird, but better than nothing !

  11. Does anybody know when streetview for Helsinki will be released?

  12. BILL STUART says:

    When I drill down to 53 degrees 28′ 02.56″ N and 113 degrees 34′ 19.30″ W google earth shows DEMING ROAD. I believe it should be OEMING ROAD.
    When I search for OEMING ROAD it takes me to the above location correctly????

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