Links: Improve Map Data, Urban Planning Webinars, Students building 3D models

Improving Map Data: Google has just released some tools for Google Maps to make it easier to report map errors (misspelled street names, for example) in the United States. By right-clicking on the map, you can choose to “Report a problem”. Google hopes to have issues corrected within a month of being reported.
The new mapping data does not yet appear to be in Google Earthis now in Google Earth, but I’d expect that it (and any error correction updates) will find it’s way over to Earth before too long.
[Update, 10-Oct: The data now seems to be live in Google Earth]
Here’s a short video showing the new process:

Urban Planning Webinars: Planetizen will be hosting a few webinars in the next month on how to use Google SketchUp, Maps and Earth in the context of Urban Planning. They are:

  • October 21: Using Google Maps and Mashups for Planning
  • October 28: Google Earth for Planners — An Introduction
  • November 4: The Virtual Staff Report — Using the Free Version of Google Earth
  • November 11: The Virtual Staff Report — Advanced Google Earth for Planners

More information about all of their courses is available here.
Italian students building 3D models: An Italian math teacher has been using Google SketchUp with his 13-year-old students for the last few years as they work on solids. In that time, they’ve submitted 622 models to the 3D Warehouse! In addition, they’ve done some work using the Google Earth plug-in, such as head-to-head modified Monster Milk Truck. Here is a video showing models of the cars the students made this year:

For more information, you can read their Italian language blog, or read a short paper about why he chooses to use SketchUp with his math students.

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