KML file that shows the October imagery, now updated in Google Maps

A few readers have pointed out that Google has posted the monthly KML file showing the updated imagery from a few days ago. Google has also posted an entry that gives the full details of the update.

KML of imagery updates for October 2009

In addition, Google Maps has now been updated with the imagery from this latest update. Along with the new imagery, Google has added a nifty “Real Estate” layer to Google Maps. Click the “More” button at the top of the screen and choose “Real Estate”. You’ll see hundreds of markers appear in the USA and Australia, with options to filter on the left side of the screen. This data is not yet available in Google Earth, but I’d expect we’ll likely see a layer for it in the future.
Real Estate in Google Maps

Having this information in Google Earth would be wonderful. By toggling various layers, you could view a particular home in relationship to nearby schools, churches, businesses, etc. It could be very useful. We’ll keep an eye on it and let you know if we hear anything.

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  1. The real estate layer for the US and Australia does not appear under ‘more’ in Maps via Google UK/ but use of the satellite option in Maps iis now widespread to locate properties for sale in the UK on estate agents’ (real estate) sites, and high res can reveal a lot to prospective buyers, and even more if there is Street View coverage. It’s up to date, but how is the Maps real estate layer kept up to date?

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