Get your home or business modeled in 3D for Google Earth

There are many businesses out there that would like to see their office rendered in 3D in Google Earth, but can’t make it happen. Perhaps they don’t have the time or talent to play with Google SketchUp, and Google’s new Building Maker doesn’t cover their area. What to do? There are a number of enterprising companies that are offering their services, and we thought we’d point a few of them out to you. These companies have all had their work featured on this blog in the past, and seem like good places to start.

Concept 3D

The first is concept3D, which just opened their new Self Service site to the public. They allow you to choose what kind of work you need done and they create a custom quote for you automatically. We’ve written about their models before (such as the recent Boston University rendering), and they appear to do excellent work. Their prices seem to be very reasonable, though there isn’t a lot to compare them to.
Another big alternative is CyberCity3D, who offer separate Residential and Commercial services. Like concept3D, we’ve written about CC3D a few times in the past (such as the models they added last month). They also appear to do excellent work, though they don’t list any prices on their site.
Finally we have Gerardo Paz, who runs GeoDataMaps (and also translates the GEB in Spanish). He built the incredible 3D version of Frank’s Tahina catamaran, which can be seen here. You can visit his site for more information or to get started.
Tahina in 3D in Google Earth

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  1. The Google’s new Building Maker must be a serious menace to this enterprising companies.
    Is there any arrangement between this companies and Google to respect their business?

  2. I don’t understand your comment before. Why would this be a menace to companies when it seems like a great tool to me?

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