CyberCity3D releases a ton of 3D buildings in San Francisco

CyberCity3D has just pushed out a lot of 3D buildings for the San Francisco area. They’re all gray buildings (no textures), but the number of buildings is quite impressive. As per their Facebook Page, they’ve just covered the neighborhoods of Marina, Cow Hollow, Japan Town, Fillmore, Hayes Valley, Haight-Ashbury, Cole Valley, Inner Sunset, Outer Sunset, Laurel Heights, Inner Richmond, Outer Richmond, Sea Cliff and Pacific Heights. Below is a snapshot of Haight-Ashbury, with downtown San Francisco in the distance:

Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, CA

While the buildings are non-textured, they weren’t done hurriedly. As you can see in the photo above, they’ve taken the time to indlude angles, arches, gables, chimneys, dormers, etc.
This ties in nicely with the new Building Maker tool that Google released yesterday. The area just released by CyberCity3D happens to be in an area supported by Building Maker. You can pick your favorite sites, model them in textured 3D, and they’ll appear in Google Earth alongside the gray buildings that are there now.
I’d expect buildings rendered in Building Maker to start appearing in Google Earth within a few weeks. The SketchUp team does a weekly push of new buildings to Google Earth, so once they start approving these new buildings, they should start going out each week. I’ve personally modeled about 25 buildings so far, because it’s so easy to do (and kinda fun!). For example, this building I modeled in Austin only took about five minutes.
If you notice any of your Building Maker buildings being approved and showing up in Google Earth, let us know!

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  1. The screenshot above makes it look as though the buildings do not line up with their footprints. However, the buildings do indeed line up with their footprints, so long as terrain is turned on.

  2. The reason my first building made in Building Maker was not accepted is that it is not lined up with satellite imagery… But it was in line with bird eye imagery. The problem is in Building Maker – the satellite and bird eye imagery are not lined up with each other. Also another building was not accepted of another two reasons: part of it is above the ground (Building Maker do not have ability to change that) and they cant confirm whther the building is real (of course they only checked on satellite imagery and there it is covered by trees but in bird eye imagery one can clearly see it). I conclude two things – they do not see the bird eye imagery while checking the model or they do not distinguish models made in Building Maker from the rest of models at all. Building Maker needs some updates.

  3. PaSKud: I absolutely agree. I have also some of my buildings not accepted because do not match to terrain, altough they match to birds eye photos. And i also agree that this error cannot be corrected using Building Maker. I also noticed that some other buildings from same day are still waitng, seems that they were accepted by one person and waitng for another opinion.

  4. ddurgaprasad says:

    where this data can be downloaded ?

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