A closer look at Africa

Yesterday we told you about a variety of organizations that Google is showcasing, both through their Google Earth Outreach and their Heroes Project. One of the organizations, MAPA (Mapping Africa’s Protected Areas) was featured more in-depth on Google’s blog today.
MAPA’s March Turnbull has provided a deeper look at what MAPA is all about. Their goal is to make sure no one can say “We never knew!” when it comes to keeping African parks and wildlife in the public eye. Through their comprehensive KML file , you can view the major parks, reserves and protected areas in Southern and Eastern Africa. They plan on adding thousands more parks and other data in the future, and continue to build this already valuable resource.


A semi-related item comes from Google Maps Mania, where they showcase a photo safari tour that Soren Johannessen created of J. Michael Fay’s African imagery. Fay spent more than a year flying 70,000 miles in a small plane at low altitude over Africa, taking photos every twenty seconds, as part of his MegaFlyover project. Many of those extraordinary images can be found in Google Earth, and the tour that Soren created is a neat way to highlight those. You can view the tour here using the Google Earth Plug-in. It takes a while to load, so it’s recommended that you have a fast connection. Alternatively, you can download the KMZ file to view it directly in Google Earth.

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