Update for Google Earth 5.1 released

Google Earth 5.1 (beta) has been widely regarded as a great update, with a much faster, more responsive interface. Being a beta release, though, means it’s still got a few kinks to work out. Last night, Google pushed out an update to 5.1. Presumably, this latest release fixes some of the bigger issues. See below for one we know about.
It won’t auto-update to this latest release, so you’ll need to go to earth.google.com and download it for yourself. Downloading it from there will get you from version 5.1.3506.3999 to 5.1.3509.4636.

Google Earth 5.1 update

Perhaps more importantly, this will also upgrade your Google Earth plugin to the latest version. Some of you had issues with Al Gore’s new COP15 tour that Google released yesterday, and this latest update seems to resolve the issues.

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  1. Here’s a direct link to the download without the Google Updater:

  2. It seems that if you do the standard install, then Chrome is also installed (the update runs a program called GoogleEarthSetup.exe). But if you do the “advanced” install, Chrome is not installed (the update runs a program called googleupdatesetup.exe). Either way, the latest Google Earth is installed.

  3. Bill Clark – thanks for the tip about Chrome. I don’t want it, so would like to use the advanced install, but is this the one Google describe as “customise your installation with advanced set up”? Also, are there any issues with uninstalling Chrome after a standard install?
    Unfortunately GE as usual offer minimal information about the updated beta version, so have GEB readers noted any benefits?

  4. I don’t really know where to put this, but could it be that google earth had an imagery update. I think Saudi-Arabia has new 2.5m imagery like the rest of the desert. I’m not really sure though, I might be wrong

  5. Mine updated without my intervention this morning (GMT-3). And I don’t have Google Updater (the installer) installed, just the Google Update service.
    Oh, and by the way, Google sneaked new imagery – example: “Caçapava, SP, Brazil” (you folks w/o cedilla will have to cut and paste the address ;D)

  6. The version released a few days ago used to freeze every once in a whileon my machine, but now it’s fine.

  7. The Linux version, at least in Ubuntu 9.04, has the same BIG bug that previous 5.x versions:
    It can’t show polygons!
    This is a really BIG, BIG, BIG bug, not present in the Mac&Windows versions.
    Google Earth
    5.1.3509.4636 (beta)
    Data de creació
    17 Set. 2009
    Hora de creació
    3:18:34 p. m.
    Sistema operatiu
    Linux (
    programa de control de vídeo
    NVIDIA Corporation
    Mida màxima de textura

  8. september 23 MIAMI FLORIDA got new imagery (imagery update from 2009)

  9. It appears that google earth has gotten an imagery update.
    USA: Western Maryland; Central Connecticut; North of Ventura, California; Mission Viejo, California.
    Asia: Saudi Arabia – Whole country

  10. You can check out your new GE version with some new imagery:

  11. Thanks for the post. Will make this upgrade with my copy of Google earth as early as possible. I am hoping to see a much better interface than what’s provided in the last update.

  12. Still having problems on Linux Ubuntu 9.04.
    Someone can help me. Maybe, there is another version available?

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