New Korea Tourism Layer in Google Earth

It’s been a while since there have been significant new layers added to Google Earth. Late last week, Google published a new tourism layer. You find this layer under the Gallery layer folder (near the bottom) in the Travel and Tourism layer folder. There you find: Korea Tourism:

Korea Tourism Layer in Google Earth

You need to either “Fly To” Korea, or double-click the Korea Tourism layer item to start viewing the placemarks. As you zoom in closer to Korea, more placemarks should appear. After opening a placemark, you get a picture and some description of the location. If you want to read more, you click on the language of your choice. I’d like to see more dynamic content (videos, links between placemarks, and links to 3D models of the temples and other sights).
Interestingly, this layer doesn’t appear in alphabetical order. Not sure why that is. One of the weakest areas of Google Earth is its layer interface. Mostly due to the fact that it is not easy to find layers without opening lots of folders. If Google would just add “search” to the layers pane things would get much better. An option to memorize certain favorite layer sets would be another improvement. There’s so much information available in the layers, but my perception is that few people discover whats hidden there.

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