New Google Earth Imagery – September 23

[Update Sept. 25: Google has just released the official list of locations, including the KML file that shows them all.]
We’ve just verified that there is new imagery in various places around the world. You can check out the Google LatLong Blog for hints on where some of the new imagery is located.
New and updated imagery (UPDATED 25-SEP 0615 ET)

  • Antarctica – Dry Valleys (thanks ‘Tom’)
  • Argentina – Cordoba and Mendoza
  • Austria – Strip of new winter imagery near Tirol (thanks ‘Jonas’)
  • Brazil – Florianopolis (thanks ‘Tiago’)
  • Canada – Diavik Diamond Mine
  • China – Lhasa (thanks ‘jk’)
  • Finland – Various area (thanks ‘cristi’)
  • Iceland – Some stripes of imagery
  • Italy – Strip of winter imagery east of Rome
  • Maldive Islands – Male’ (thanks ‘Alsay’)
  • Mozambique – Maputo (thanks ‘Antonio’)
  • New Zealand – Te Anau (thanks ‘dapascha’), and Central parts of the country, including places like Canterbury and Darfield
  • Nigeria – Lagos (thanks ‘Snakeye’)
  • Pakistan – Karachi (thanks ‘Adil’)
  • Portugal – Madeira (thanks ‘Samuel’)
  • Russia – Norilsk (thanks ‘cristi’)
  • Saudi Arabia – Color corrections
  • South Korea – Ulsan (thanks ‘Munden’)
  • Ukraine – Sevastopol
  • United States
    • California – Mission Viejo and Ventura
    • Connecticut – Central part of the state
    • Delaware – Most (or all) of the State
    • Florida – Large parts of the state, including: Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Marion County, Miami and part of Taylor County
    • Maryland – Most of the state
    • Massachusetts – Eastern 1/3 of the state
    • Michigan – Metro Detroit area
    • Washington – Various parts of the state
  • Also, there appears to be new hi-res bathymetry off the east coast of the US – east of the continental shelf.

As you find others, please leave a comment and let us know. Because this imagery has not yet been added to Google Maps, you can compare any area in Google Earth against the same location in Google Maps to know for sure whether or not it’s been updated.

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  1. Tiago Carraro says:

    Big new Imagery in South Brazil – Florianopolis, Sao Jose, Palho├ža, Governador Celso Ramos, Tijucas, Nova Trento, Rancho Queimado, Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, and many others.

  2. Marion County, FL
    Duval County, FL (including Jacksonville)
    Part of Taylor County, FL
    (probably more of FL)
    South Korea: Ulsan
    Ukraine: Sevastopol
    Argentina: Cordoba
    Diavik Diamond Mine, Canada
    USA: The Maryland update is actually most of the State now that I’ve looked around. Even places like Annapolis that didn’t initially look like an update are simply very similar. (look at construction in Parole, MD to see the differences)

  3. USA: More notes for Florida
    Port Charlotte
    Miama and Fort Lauderdale are both updated. (It looks like a swath from Floriday City up to near Deerfield Beach.)

  4. Miami Florida got new update (the new imagery is from 2009)

  5. SittingDuck says:

    Saudi Arabia: Center has been color corrected

  6. Male’ (capital of Maldives Islands) has new imagery from 23 August 2009 (only a month old)

  7. The usual “updated areas KML” coming soon?

  8. Boston area/E. Massachusetts also updated

  9. Saudi-Arabia has new medium imagery, like the rest of the desert.
    There are also some new winter images in austria (Tirol) and Italy, just south of the other image.

  10. Tim Brastow says:

    Massachusetts got hit with new images too:
    Suffolk County, Norfolk County, Essex County, Middlesex County, and northern Plymouth County have new imagery from April 2008 (previous was July 2007).

  11. – Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Morocco and Qatar are now covered by 2.5 m Spot Image imagery.

  12. new imagery update:25 august 2009 in norilsk russia…

  13. Part of Madeira Island in Portugal also got a Update!

  14. Dry Valleys, Antarctica is finally covered with higher resolution imagery. However, quality is still inconsistent. Better than what was there, though.

  15. The Te Anau area in New Zealand now has Spot imagery, low resolution but finally free of clouds. Too bad the lousy re-coloring efforts around Tongariro Nat’l Park from last month’s update haven’t been fixed… yet, I hope!

  16. Lhasa is updated (with Jan 2008 imagery)

  17. Karachi, Pakistan is updated…Finally! Thanks Google

  18. The USGS contracted aerial imagery for a good chunk of eastern Massachusetts in 2008. Massachusetts GIS ( made the imagery available online not too long ago. A PDF showing the areas of Massachusetts covered by this can be found here:

  19. The new imagery at Male’ is geopositioned about 12m west of the previous imagery which is more accurate.

  20. Lagos in Nigeria has been updated.

  21. some new imagery in finland…you have to look!

  22. Fuzhou (changle) CHina

  23. “Pucon” an small city in the south of Chile

  24. Uruguay: Parts of Rio Negro (Ex. Young), Tacuaremb├│, Durazno and Cerro Largo.

  25. Anchorage Alaska layers are error.
    Another city’s pictures appear on the city.
    For example, right space of Merrill Field,
    right space of Cheney Lake,
    on the patterson street,etc…
    there are many error layers in Anchorage.

  26. Zhangqiu China

  27. archipelago “the minquiers” under Jersey island appear now clearly

  28. Bosnia & hercegovina needs new imagery update(Mostar,Banja luka,Tuzla).

  29. Google has posted the kml file showing all areas included in this latest update. Go here:
    and click on the link in the first paragraph (the word “here”).

  30. The new, updated imagery for Karachi is bad. It has a much poorer resolution than previously. Is there not a choice to switch back and forth between images (in wiki as well?)?

PLEASE NOTE: Google Earth Blog is no longer writing regular posts. As a result, we are not accepting new comments or questions about Google Earth. If you have a question, use the official Google Earth and Maps Forums or the Google Earth Community Forums.