Google Makes Crop Circles Popular

Google has raised awareness of crop circles due to an unannounced Google doodle which showed a UFO flying over crop circles this week. See here:

Google doodle of UFO and crop circles

Alex Chitu believes the mysterious doodle and other hints are in celebration of HG Well’s birthday on September 21.
Google searches having to do with Google Earth and crop circles was very high yesterday. Previously GEB has written about crop circles in Google Earth and shared the very cool collection of placemarks showing crop circles around the world. This and similar posts were popular yesterday. For example, see this one:
Firefox Crop Circle in Google Earth
If you like crop circles, you might be wondering about more common circles seen around the world in crop fields.
Not only that, but there is another popular crop use called “crop mazes” which are often visible in Google Earth.

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  1. Hi. I made a collection of Crop Circle from Google Earth here :

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