Capsized Container Ship in Historical Imagery

Capsized cargo vessel in Google Earth

In March of 2007, a container ship called the M/V Republica di Genoa capsized while docked in Antwerp, Belgium. Thanks to the Google Earth “Historical Imagery” feature you can see an aerial photo which was captured while the ship still laid on its side. GEC member ‘fjkposted this find which you can load into Google Earth here . Make sure you click on the little clock icon in the top center of Google Earth 5 (or select the “View->Historical Imagery” menu option) so you can view the image dated April 29, 2007 which shows the ship. There are lots of pictures and more details on the incident on this web page (scroll down).
This isn’t the first find of a capsized ship in Google Earth. In 2006, someone found a capsized cruise ship in Google Earth’s satellite imagery. You can also see that ship with Google Earth’s historical imagery (I updated the placemark today).
Also, make sure you check out the collection of shipwrecks around the world.
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  1. SittingDuck says:

    There is ANOTHER sinking ship in the Antwerp docks. However it exists in the current imagery layer, not the historical one. You can find it at
    51°15’40.20″N , 4°20’54.06″E
    Here is a link to a downloadable placemark:

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