Planes For Google Earth Flight Simulator

Google Earth Community Member ‘Amir B’ has posted some excellent plane add-ons for the Google Earth Flight Simulator! His clever concept allows you to place animating planes into the 3D view while flying the flight simulator. Turning propellors, smoke from jets, awesome realism. It’s really cool! It definitely makes it fun again to fly around in Google Earth. Below I mention tips on how to load and use the planes. But first, here’s a video demonstration of what several of his planes look like in action:

Amir’s post includes a Zip file with 5 different planes. He gives instructions in his post on how to download, install, and use the planes. Or, you can download and try just one of the planes right here: BF 109 . Once you load a plane you should see it appear in the middle of your screen in Google Earth:

  • Animation – Turn on the animation by selecting the “Play” button on the time slider. Adjust the animation speed by clicking on the wrench icon in the upper right of the time slider pane and then adjusting the slider.

  • Enter Flight Simulator – In GE, select “Tools->Enter Flight Simulator” and choose either the F-16 or the SR22 (slower) plane for simulation mode. Then select “Start Flight”.

  • Flight Simulator Tips – Read the GEB flight simulator tips post if you’re new to flying in Google Earth. Here is a link to the keyboard shortcuts.

Amir has done a great job implementing this cool add-on to Google Earth’s Flight Simulator! Footnote: Amir is also the leader of a an Iranian Alternative Rock band called Mirage Town.

About Frank Taylor

Frank Taylor started the Google Earth Blog in July, 2005 shortly after Google Earth was first released. He has worked with 3D computer graphics and VR for many years and was very impressed with this exciting product. Frank completed a 5.5 year circumnavigation of the earth by sailboat in June 2015 which you can read about at Tahina Expedition, and is a licensed pilot, backpacker, diver, and photographer.

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  1. I cant download the planes correctly! A big x comes up on googlearth after dpwnloading the zip help!

  2. I had the same problem, but the post of Amir B has been edited as I’ve checked it now and the KML files have been changed to KMZ, so you can easily open each KMZ anywhere with just 1 click.

  3. pls say how to install planes for google !!!

  4. tested in ubuntu linux, google earth 5, it worked 🙂

  5. Richard Carrillo says

    speed and mobility for each type of plane would be nice. specially for the jet. like to be able to cut corners at top speed with ease. this is awesome. so, is this like a real flight simulator as if you were to fly a plane?

  6. Richard Carrillo says

    Also, for some reason the planes would not load up on the mac computer, but the flight simulator would with just arrows and all that stuff..

  7. Anyone know how to playback a canned flight path without having to fly the flight simulator “live”? In other words can the airplane model be driven to follow a specific flight path, with changing bank angle, pitch angle, etc?

  8. how do you get the other planes?

  9. in flight, zoom in as much as you can into the ocean, and youll be under water like a submarine

  10. This download has put a big red x on my google earth screen!Anyone Know what to do

  11. It’s trying to display the image of the aircraft. You need to be online for that to happen, or the link is no longer valid.

  12. i can only get the first plane in your vid and how do you make the airplane not be on the screen?

  13. my google earth in mac can’t open some of the file I download here.

  14. when i downloaded it it worked but how can i delete it when i exited flight sim. it was still there

  15. I think this is great and a job well done. I would love to see a few more planes.. perhaps the Cessna 182 or the Sopwith Camel tail dragger that are in MS FS.
    Can you tell me if there are any other plans available or if any one is working on adding more?
    I was also thinking that a .wav sound file could be added to the prop video to include a looping airplane engine sound. There are many available. I used one from MS FS, but it would be nice to include it in the animation.

  16. If you can get an image of the aircraft from behind or a tail mounted camera view you can do it. I use some of the aircraft from Redbull air race from when they are flying into the start line.
    With a screen capture you just need to crop the aircraft with the scissor tool available in most graphic editors then give it a transparent background.
    Use KML ScreenOverlay Maker to create a KML file to display in GE.

  17. Andy…
    I have a nice .jpg of a Cirrus S22 from behind that I think would be a good addition. The problem is, I don’t know how to cut it out, give it a transparent background and create a KML file. Can you help?

  18. Harry,
    I’m afraid it’s a matter of reading the help for the graphic program that you use. I used “The GIMP” which is GPU licenced freeware. I think I posted a how to in one of the Flight Sim threads here probably last year. Will have a look for it, maybe there’s a search, so have a hunt around.

  19. Harry,
    Here’s how from my post in the F16 thread.
    First you need to give the image a transparent background. This is how using freeware The Gimp. Other graphic editors should be fine too but I don’t know their commands.
    Menu Command/Action
    Tools Scissor Select. Click points around the outside of the object joining back to the first point. You can add additional points along the outline or drag into position. Click anywhere in the object to select.
    Edit Copy Visible.
    Edit Paste As – New Image.
    File Save. Enter filename with .png extension. De-select Save Background when the dialogue appears and save.
    Next use KML ScreenOverlay Maker to create a KML file that will display your image in GE. Just select the image file, give the overlay a name as it will appear in the GE sidebar menu, the image size, where you want it positioned, it’s size or fraction of the original, and save.
    That’s it.

  20. how do you keep the prop going without it stopping
    how do you download the other planes

  21. To Andy & Harry,
    Pay attention to the video or download the files and play with the aircrafts through the instructions provided:
    And you will see that it’s not an ordinary static Image Overlay wich doesn’t move; but instead it’s like animated gif images that makes the aircraft parts to move(rotors, smoke, lights…) and that makes it amazing and fun.
    I think it’s related to some coding stuff in the files because puting an animated image directly in GE is impossible, so we all have to say well done and great job for this Amir Badamchi.

  22. Can someone help me to UNinstall the planes?
    Thank you.

  23. Thanks Kevin,
    Yes, mine are only static but I get around that by displaying a transparent disc behind the aircraft using the layer cmd to depict a moving prop.
    Press CTRL-ALT-B to bring up the side panel menu then uncheck or right click on the entry and select delete.

  24. Andy…
    Thanks for the tips. The GIMP graphic editor is fabulous and the GE screen overlay tool is very easy to use, especially with the link to the GE executable.
    I have spent some time editing with GIMP and have learned a lot by trial-and-error. I have an edited .kml file for the SR22, but I am not that happy with the viewpoint and I am waiting to hear from Cirrus Aircraft to see if they have a better picture that I can use. I would also like to add a .wav sound file, but will most likely not have animation. I will keep you posted.
    Thanks Again!

  25. The trouble I found is that most aircraft images on the web are side on but you can display them out to one side as though flying in formation when viewed from the cockpit.
    I also zoomed into the cockpit view via the kml to get the view you get in FS. Mainly just the HUD with the F16 and moved the instruments into the graticule. With the SR22 I have the main readouts in the GPS/map window. It was a while ago and I lost them since due to a crash so must get around to redoing them one day.
    You should be able to play the sounds outside of GE with your media player as a work around. With the F16 I get by with just my laptop fan 🙂

  26. Andy…
    I received an excellent image from Cirrus Aircraft and have put it into GE. I think it looks very good. I made a large and small overlay.
    Can I send you a copy of the KML filse so that you can check it out. I would need your e-mail. I’m not sure how the file structure works. The KML properties dialog indicates the file is 500 bytes, but the size “on disk” is 4100 bytes. I also don’t know how to share the KML files with the community, if that would be appropriate. I would also Like to give credit to the Cirrus Aircraft sales person that provided the image, if possible.
    Sorry for all the questions!

  27. Harry, to share your KML you need to upload it to the web then post a link here so anyone interested can find it. The GE Forum is probably a good place, where you would have downloaded Gerardo’s F16 or the SR22 Cockpit KML’s. You probably won’t be able to start a thread as a new member but you should be able to post it in his like I did.
    If the image you are using is on the web you use a KML file linking to the image. If it’s an image you have on your computer you need to save the KML as a KMZ which will package the image along with the file, I think.
    Check Gerardo’s F16 KML for the TAG to include a credit.
    It’s a while since I have done any of this, I just follow Frank’s Blog these days, so I’m a little rusty on exactly what I did and I don’t have backups of most of what I made.

  28. how do you fly the helicopter/osprey

  29. Thank you, Andy,
    But the plane is still not gone. Can you help me?
    Thank you.

  30. Sorry Bas, I don’t have those ones so can’t help if what I suggested didn’t work.
    Maybe there is an uninstall for that package through Windows Control Panel.

  31. the plane is gone, thank you Andy!

  32. Andy, would you please tell us how did you remove the airplane because I’ve found that so many other people have this problem including me but I’ve no idea how to do this, so I’ll be glad if you tell me the complete instructions regarding to this.

  33. Andy
    As Jim May 11.
    Clicked on the BF 109 on GEB and it was presented. Subsequently noticed that HUD has no numbers so, for instance, no altitude is indicated! No method of restoring numbers or removing the BF 109. Tried erasing Earth and new download but the BF 109 remains in place.
    Using Mac PowerBook G$ OS X 10.5.8.which also presents problems as GEFS instructions only cover for Mac Keyboard.

  34. When you first start Google Earth there is a list on the left of the currently active kmz files. If there is a bf109 displayed over the earth, there will be a checkmark beside the plane’s name in the list. Just uncheck it to remove the plane from view.

  35. Hi, Apologies for contact yesterday re not being able to remove the BF 109. Didn’t have the side panel open so hadn’t noticed the addition to the lists of items which can be switched on and off.
    HUD without numbers:- They came back “on” but went “off” only to restore a couple of seconds after the plane came to a halt on the ground. No idea what is switching the feature but, when absent, makes it difficult to head in the desired direction and adjust altitude and speed, particularly on landing approach.
    Getting more skilled at control of the aircraft via Mac PowerBook G4 keyboard – USB wireless mouse is a big help as via keyboard &/or pad ailerons are virtually uncontrollable – (C key still allows drift).
    Able to land anywhere as long as the “impact” is controlled enough – aircraft follows gradient when on the ground. Taxiing
    no problem.
    Difficult to spot distant destination features like airports without a visible atlas. From “the air” almost all airfields are virtually invisible.
    Cockpit display would be more realistic but feature obstructs visibility when trying to land with other FS.

  36. I downloaded a plane and i wanted to remove it to download another one. How do I do this??

  37. ok i downloaded the bf 106 and i cant remove it give me a hint on it

  38. ACSBehemothHellcat says

    You have to extract all the files from the zip folder and use the ones in the new folder. One problem I’ve encountered: when I enter the simulator the animator stops.

  39. ACSBehemothHellcat says

    You have to extract all the files from the zip folder and use the ones in the new folder. One problem I’ve encountered: when I enter the simulator the animator stops.

  40. ACSBehemothHellcat says

    I figured out how to fix that too. Select the “Loop animation” button in the Date & Time options (wrench button)

  41. ACSBehemothHellcat says

    How do you do the helicopter when the flight simulator is facing down? That means you’re going down.

  42. ACSBehemothHellcat says

    I have put the Boeing 747 kmz on the Google Earth Hacks site

  43. JRFERNADEZ says


  44. ACSBehemothHellcat says

    Now our next project should be something like a Bombardier CRJ-700 or a Boeing 787

  45. Well I feel stupid. How do you get the plane from the demo to go away?

  46. NVM figured it out.

  47. how do i even get to play the game? what address do i put in? all i want to do is play the game!!

  48. chek this out there is a cockpit veiws for google earth go on goole earth hacks/cokpit veiws

  49. How Do I Share the KML?

  50. How do i get to there? Whats the adress?

  51. I cannot download properly. Pls can u help me?

  52. Whenever I try to use the Boeing 747 and all aircraft they don’t work.Can you please help me?

  53. please help. I love airplanes and how do I get more airplanes for Google Earth Simulator?

  54. plz answer,,, idownloaded an aircraft from long ago but how to remove it plz do not ignore

  55. how do u remove the planes?

  56. João Paulo says

    Hí, google earth. I love your software.
    Now I am wishing to install a airplane in my google earth. I want to fly in the flihgt simulator within a cockpit, for example, of a boing 747. How I do that? Can you teach me step by step?

  57. I want to remove a plane from view, but I can’t find the kmz file for it in the sidebar. I think it’s the “Original” version of the Hornet (if not, it’s the one with the “Iberia” colors.) I assume the custom kmz is supposed to be somewhere in the “Layers” hierarchy; but where should i be looking for it? Or is there some setting in GE that I need to change, in order for the plane’s kmz to appear in the list?

    I tried to run the custom plane in GE Pro only, but it now appears in the middle of the screen in both the Pro and standard versions of GE.

  58. ETA, I just found it; it’s under “Places”, not layers. The plane is now gone.

  59. I can’t get the BF 109 big out of Google Earth. Uninstalled 3 time no avail the BF 109 is there. Any idea?

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