Google Treats 20 Super Modelers to Trip to Boulder

Google Boulder Office in Google Earth

Boulder is the home base of Google’s 3D modeling efforts. It was home to the company Google bought in 2006, @ Last Software, which built the 3D modeling software SketchUp. The Google SketchUp team has been sharing stories of people around the world who have made significant 3D building contributions to Google Earth (by uploading their models to the 3D Warehouse). This week, for example, they featured two guys from Antwerp.
Now Google has gone a big step further: Google has invited twenty of the most prolific geomodelers to their Boulder offices for a two-day “Super Modeler Conference“. The modelers will get to meet with team members from SketchUp, 3D Warehouse, and Google Earth. And Google will most likely treat them to the usual Google hospitality of free food and treats.
Congrats to the lucky twenty geomodelers! Maybe Google could offer other treats on a random basis to geomodelers: free SketchUp Pro licenses, a 3D print of their best model, and maybe cool stuff from the Google store.
The Google Boulder Office can be viewed in Google Earth. There used to be a little easter egg there, but its gone now.

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  1. I here they are coming to Belgium, have you heard anything on that???

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