Cat 4 Storm Felicia Headed for Hawaii – See in Google Earth

Google Earth is a great tool for checking on weather – tropical storms in particular. Right now a category 4 storm is in the Pacific Ocean making a bee-line for Hawaii. The good news is that current forecasts have it losing strength before it reaches the islands. But, you can view the storm’s track, forecasted path, satellite photos, and much more using the Storm Tracking Tools for Google Earth collected by Google Earth Blog. These tools are collection of great weather resources from a variety of organizations and individuals using data from NOAA, the US Navy, and many other weather providers.
In the screenshot below, you’re seeing storm forecast and tracking data from and NOAA satellite imagery from just a few minutes ago showing category 4 storm Felicia:

Hurricane Felicia on August 7, 2009 in Google Earth

Read the GEB storm tracking post for more details on how to use Google Earth to perform storm tracking.

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