August Imagery Update in a Handy KML

Once again, apparently this will be a permanent thing, Google has released the details on this month’s imagery update as a KML file . So you can see where the new or updated imagery is located through a series of outlines viewable in Google Earth. Like this one from last month:

July Google Earth imagery update

For fun, compare the official list to the details found by GEB readers over the last two days.

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  1. Expectation fulfilled, and posted much more promptly than the July file. It will be really useful if this is indeed a regular feature, but again GEB readers had spotted most of the major changes.
    However, we may have to be a bit cautious about the accuracy of the file – I notice for example that the red line around Belgium takes in parts of NE France near Lille where really top quality 2006 high res imagery has fortunately not been replaced by the somewhat lower res new 2007 imagery for most of Belgium, but overall a big improvement in this part of the world.

  2. Antonio Teixeira says:

    Thanks, Google!

  3. I’d like to see more KML content for NY state, two items specifically- the Erie Canal Trail and all the NY state wineries, heck, US wineries or the wineries of the world, one large and ongoing project.

  4. Colour matching wrong on the one update on Antartica.

  5. Dear,
    Please update the imagery for the state unit of ” Seremban ” in the country of Malaysia
    (additional note: the shape of Southeast Asia land had changed after the terrible tsunami occur in 2004, thus, the latest new imagery in South East Asia is very important for the people).Thank you very much, it was very well developed lately, it is important for us to do future development planning in that place. Please, please, I’m trying to persuade very hard for this…Thank you.

  6. “we may have to be a bit cautious about the accuracy of the file”
    Definitely. There’s a large polygon in south central Massachusetts. The imagery doesn’t appear to have been updated, and Massachusetts doesn’t appear on anyone’s list.

  7. Updated imagery of the Florida Keys and Dry Tortugas!
    Also, Leduc is in Alberta, not British Columbia.

  8. It would be useful if there was a way to sort updated GE imagery (or the locations) by the year updated – that way a user could if there are actually any differences between older and newer imagery without having to hunt all all the globe.

  9. Oddly, an area of Ohio had its default imagery reverted to some taken in 2003, even though much higher quality imagery is available from 2005 and 2006 (The 2006 imagery was the default for Earth and Google Maps until last week, but now the 2003 imagery is default).
    For an example, visit 41.099299,-81.2425 and enable the View > Historical Imagery option.

  10. Can you provide me the “Imagery Updates.kml” Need the latest. I have Imagery Updates till 7th Dec 2011 which I have found in this blog

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