Links: Multiple Searches, More Moon Stuff, New Sightseer, 3D Cities

I know I’ve stayed focused on the moon all week (with good reasons) – and there’s more moon stuff below – but, here’s a round up of GE related stuff going on this week:

  • Multiple searches – Google has finally released an ability to see multiple search results on Google Maps at the same time. Just a reminder – you can also do multiple searches in Google Earth and simultaneously load other KML content as well. But, advances in both Maps and Earth are all good things!

  • More Moon Stuff – So, believe it or not, I haven’t even reported everything going on with the new Moon in Google Earth this week. Here are a few other things:

    • Googlesightseeing did a great write-up about Apollo 11 places around the world (and links on moon stuff as well)

    • Moon in multiple languages – Gerardo pointed out that, as usual, Google released Moon in Google Earth in multiple languages. So, people could read the layers of content in their native languages (german, spanish, french, etc.). It’s not easy to release a new application in multiple languages – kudos to Google for doing this!

    • Video of Moon in GE Launch Event – This video shows a <15 minute portion of the launch event for Moon in Google Earth presented by Googler Michael Weiss-Malik, product manager for Moon in GE.

    • First Moon Tour – Keir Clarke was the first I’ve found who created a GE Tour for the moon and shared it embedded in the GE Plugin.

    • Google Lunar X Prize Tour – The GLXP have released the first draft of a tour about the moon from the perspective of X Prize founder Peter Diamandis, and space tourist Richard Garriot (son of Skylab Astronaut Owen Garriot). Watch the tour here (make sure to switch to “Moon” mode in Google Earth).

    • Google Lunar Base Jobs – When the Maps version of Google Moon came out, Google put out this funny site advertising jobs on the moon.

  • New Sightseer – Google has released the July issue of the Google Earth Sightseer newsletter. They’ve got a new design this time.

  • 3D Cities – The SketchUp crew points out there are many cities building 3D building models which are viewable at the 3DWarehouse.

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