Using Google Earth to Review Urban Development Project

Gerardo brought to my attention a post at the GEC about a proposed bridge construction project at the Columbia River in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington region. The author, Nick Falbo, has produced some excellent Google Earth visualizations in opposition to the project. The visualizations use the new Tour function of Google Earth 5, and he’s created embedded versions of the Tours on his blog. You can watch the three tours here – using the GE plugin in your browser, or visit his blog page to download the GE content directly. The tours include narration, 3D models of proposed bridges, and overlays to illustrate possible effects of the road project.
This is not at all the first time Google Earth has been used to visualize urban projects. Check here for some others:

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  1. I don’t think I’ve before seen stuff like having the 3D models rise from or sink below the Earth. And I like how the red polygon overlays appear, sort of animated as fade-ins. Is there somewhere I can find documentation to help me utilize these specific techniques?

  2. imergent55 says:

    This is the most comprehensive guide I have come across. Thanks for sharing this with us! There are many things even experienced bloggers can learn from this post.

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