3D Disneyland Resort Paris in Google Earth

Almost a year after Disney released Walt Disney World in Orlando in 3D for Google Earth, the Disneyland Resort Paris is now also available in amazing 3D detail! The entire park area – including trees, rides, signs, even Mickey Mouse!; and also the Disney Studios – are all in amazing 3D detail for Google Earth. You can simply turn on the “3D Buildings” layer in Google Earth and search for “Disneyland Paris” to see for yourself. For the impatient, here are a couple of screenshots to whet your appetite (video will be forthcoming):
Disney Paris in 3D in Google Earth
NOTE: Because of the detail of the park, it may take a while (depending on your computer and especially bandwidth) to load all the sights. HINT: Mickey Mouse can be found beneath the tallest building. I also found Captain Hook hanging out.
via 5Kingdoms Blog

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  1. how can I have these buildings of Walt Disney Land in a 3D extension to use it in 3Ds max for example?

  2. amo o castelo de la |é lindo|

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