Wilkins Ice Shelf Collapse in Google Earth

The news came out just a few days ago that the last remaining bridge of ice connecting two islands in Antarctica disintegrated and the Wilkins Ice Shelf is now just a pile of broken ice. Now, the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) has released a Google Earth time animation showing satellite photos of the break-up of the Wilkins Ice Shelf over the past few weeks, including the final bridge collapse. You can watch the time animation of the photos of the collapse here (600 Kbytes). After the file loads, just hit the play button in the time slider that appears in the upper left of Google Earth. This and other interesting Google Earth content is available at the NSIDC site.

Wilkins Ice Shelf Collapse in Google Earth

via OgleEarth
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[UPDATE 22-April: Thanks to some suggestions I made, NSIDC reduced their file size on the above GE File from 17 MBytes to 600K – they liked my suggestions. 🙂 They had full-sized PNGs. I suggested smaller JPG files instead.]

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