Largest Proposed Urban Solar Power Plant in the US

Yesterday, on Earth Day, Exelon and SunPower Corp. announced an agreement to build the US’s largest urban solar power plant near Chicago, Illinois. The 10-megawatt solar photovoltaic (PV) facility is scheduled for completion by the end of this year. The $60 million project is contingent upon Exelon receiving a federal loan guarantee under the recently passed federal stimulus legislation.
Concept3D has created a 3D visualization of the solar power project viewable in Google Earth. They shared a YouTube video yesterday which starts with a brief tour of Chicago, and then flies to the east side of Chicago where the plant is proposed to be built. They show the current site, then add 3D models of the photovoltaic solar panels. Not only that, but they show how the panels will track the sun as it passes over each day. The visualization then illustrates how a large community of houses can be served by the energy created by the plant. See the video below:

I hope to get a link to the KML file of this visualization and add it here later.

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  1. No kml file yet?

  2. It is also worth noting that the installation will displace approximately 31.2 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions annually, the equivalent of taking more than 2,500 cars off the road or planting more than 3,200 acres of forest. 🙂

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